Posted On : 12-02-2018

Do You Know the History of Hongbao? Check This Out!

Sudah Tahu Sejarah Angpao? Simak Ini

The Lunar New Year is coming soon. The arrival of this Chinese New Year is always synonymous with the hongbao, a red packet given to the unmarried. Hongbao itself is one of the traditions and culture of the Chinese community during Imlek.

According to National Geographic, hangbao is given in the hope that will bring good luck and fortunate. As the value of money tucked inside is served to please the recipients.

By definition, hangbao means red envelope. ‘Hang’ or red means happiness, pleasure, luck and spirit. Remember, opening a hangbao in front of the giver is deemed as impolite.

Hangpao is actually a development of the ‘Ya Sui Qian’ tradition, which means to cast out ‘demons’ and ‘the Giant of Nian’ that will disturb their child. There are two types of ‘Ya Sui Qian’ according to Yen Jing Sui Shi Ji book.

First, tying up a coin (ancient Chinese money) with colorful ropes and then place them under the bed in their kid’s bedroom. The next is by slipping money inside a red envelope and give them to the unmarried (mainly children).

Hangbao can also be given by hiding it under the pillow when the children sleep. Today, the most common way is by putting the money in a red envelope and give the young ones come and celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Generally, once a child received a hangbao, it is customary for the parents of the recipient to give hangbao to the children of the giver. In hangbao tradition, there is a habit to classify the relationship of the hangbao giver and receiver.

In its distribution, the closer the relationship, the higher the value of the hangbao. As the technology advances, physical money is no longer a mandatory form of hangbao. The money could be in the form of electronic form of currency.

One of them is Flazz electronic money from PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA). Not only that this multipurpose card is practical but also comes in Lunar New Year edition, adding to the feeling of the celebrated day itself with the special design.

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