Posted On : 09-02-2018

Save Up for Imlek Feast

Cara Hemat Siapkan Makan Bersama untuk Imlek

Like Lebaran, Imlek (The Chinese New Year), celebrated by the ethnic Chinese community, is the time for family gathering and celebration of the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. According to Aji Chen Bromokusumo, as reported by Kompas, one of the most important rituals during Imlek is the dinner tradition. 

“Family members often travel long distances to have dinner together with other family members,” he said. 

One easy option is by having dinner at a restaurant. And to keep your spending under control, there are few effective ways you can do. Hank Coleman from Money Q and A shares his secret.

Find A Promo

Nowadays, more and more restaurants are giving new promotions to attract more customers. One of them is Din Tai Fung who works with BCA Credit Card giving a Rp1 million discount for Imlek package. This kind of promo would certainly be beneficial.

Search for a Coupon

Many restaurants are usually engaged in various media platforms for promotions, be it ads in newspaper, social media or television. So, while enjoying reading the newspaper, you can also look for information about interesting restaurant promotions. 

Control the Portion

Some restaurants offer a more affordable deal for larger portions. This offer would be very beneficial when having a dinner out with family. So, instead of ordering small portions which are usually more expensive, it’s better to order a larger portion to share with more people, and this surely will save more money. 

Make a Budget

A simple planning can help to save more money. One of the examples is by making a budget. The planning will help curb your restaurant spending. If you have a budget of Rp2 million for Imlek eating out, then you have to keep it as planned. 

May this be helpful.

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