Posted On : 08-02-2018

Check Reward BCA with Ease via BCA mobile

Mudahnya Cek Reward BCA via BCA mobile

For you active users of BCA Credit Card, you must be familiar with Reward BCA that is available in every transaction you perform. Reward collected can be used to get a discount or shop for free.

However, have you ever wondered how many reward points collected from your credit card transactions? Well, to help you check the reward, the Bank BCA has now added a new feature on the BCA mobile

Yes, you can perform various banking transactions with BCA mobile such as money transfer, purchases, payments, and many others. But, now, to further complete your life, you can also check your BCA Credit Card rewards by using Info Reward BCA feature on the m-Info menu on BCA mobile. Easy and safe.

You haven’t used the BCA mobile yet? Please simply download the app on iPhone and Android. Discover features that will your life easier. As for those who already are a user, kindly update your app to get this new feature.

For further information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.

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