Posted On : 07-02-2018

Hard Work and Obeying the Rules Bear Fruit

BCA Raih Dua Penghargaan di HUT KSEI ke-20

Both individuals or business entities must adhere to the applicable law and regulations. It serves to ensure things run smoothly. Thanks to the hard work, policies, good governance, commitment and compliance to the regulations, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) has gained both national and international recognitions.

This time, BCA nabbed two awards at the PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia (KSEI) 20th Anniversary. “These awards are a motivation for BCA to continue support the settlement of transactions in the capital market and encourage the development of investors in the capital market through the provision of customer fund account (Rekening Dana Nasabah - RDN) services,” explained Director of BCA Henry Koenaifi.

BCA had the honor to win two awards under the category of the Investor Fund Account Administrator (RDN) Bank with the Largest Number of Clients and Issuer with the Highest Value of Scriptless Securities.

“This massive digital era helped BCA to respond proactively to the use of technology in order to provide a more comfortable, safer, and faster transaction, including transactions performed in the Indonesian capital market. BCA is always trying to stay current to provide ease for investors,” said Henry.

Since 2011, BCA has supported KSEI as one of the RDN administrators of the fifteen participating banks. “In addition to that, at the end of 2014, BCA had also applied the provision of RDN balance and mutation information on KlikBCA Bisnis, KlikBCA Individu, and BCA Mobile,” he added.

BCA also develops services for customers to monitor their securities kept in KSEI and their investment funds in the capital market through the KSEI’s AKSes Facility Co-Branding cooperation, also available on KlikBCA Individu (BCA Internet Banking).

The support is expected to continue facilitate investors to get their securities portfolio information through eChannel BCA.

“We hope the cooperation between KSEI and BCA continues as the Indonesian capital market expanded,” Henry concluded.

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