Posted On : 05-02-2018

Smart Ways to Achieve Goal Obtaining New Property or Cars

Cerdas Mewujudkan Target Miliki Properti atau Kendaraan Baru

Obtaining a house or car are few of the many goals the young generation is dreaming of achieving. However, achieving that goal is not cheap and simple. Therefore, we need a smart way to realize them.

Boby Chandra Oktavianus from Cermati shares his secret ways to help you achieve the goal.

Focus on Objectives

When planning to buy a property or vehicle – a car or motorcycle –, make sure you have set a clear objective. Is the property for personal use? Is the car or motorcycle for you or your family? All these aspects need to be clear and specific to obtain the appropriate property or vehicle.

Gather Information

Furthermore, gather as much information as possible about the location of the property you’re planning to buy, as well as for the vehicle. Find a car/motorcycle that fits your budget and has all the specs needed. Now you can start going to exhibitions such as BCA ExpoVersary or check on the internet.

Saving Up a Down Payment

One of the many ways to buy a property or car is through KPR scheme. Therefore, you need to save up for down payment of at least 20% of the purchase price, or 25% of the car of your dream.

Find the Perfect Timing

Special offers or discounts are usually available throughout the time. You can get them at property/automotive exhibitions or similar events. For example, the BCA Expoversary held on the coming 9-11 February 2018.

Held on a 15 thousand square meter venue, the event will present 6 developers, 19 car brands, 100 booths of food and beverage, fashion and lifestyle. There will also be a session from The Goods Dept, and seminars on investment, auctions, and various promos from reward BCA.

Such events will certainly make it easier for you to achieve your financial goal because you can get both the property and vehicle of your dream in one place.

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