Posted On : 07-11-2017

BCA Stays Current via Social Media Talks

BCA Tetap Eksis Via Perbincangan Social Media

Para pemenang Social Media Award 2017 berpose bersama

*Update : 08 Nov 2017

Social media (Socmed) has become one of the important keys to branding and marketing activities. This is one of the strategies the company chooses to stay current and get closer to their consumers, which also exhibited by the Bank BCA.

At the Social Media Award dan Digital Media Award 2017, which was organized by MediaWave and MARKETING magazine, at Hotel Mulia, Thursday (31/10), BCA’s existence through the digital world has gained tremendous appreciation.

In the Credit Card Category, Kartu Kredit BCA has successfully become a trending public talk in social media by reaching 67.6% portion (the highest). As in the Banking, Insurance & Finance Category, Tahapan BCA savings products also at the top of public discussion, dominating at 64.9% (the highest).

At the same time, the Digital Marketing Award 2017 survey also confirmed the BCA Website as the Great Performing Website under the category of National Bank (Asset > 250 Trillion).

Below is the excitement at the Social Media Award and Digital Marketing Award 2017, which was held at Hotel Mulia, Tuesday (31/10).

BCA Tetap Eksis Via Perbincangan Social Media

Erita Santosa, Assistant Vice President of Digital Marketing BCA received the award

BCA Tetap Eksis Via Perbincangan Social Media

BCA solidified its achievement by holding the title of Great Performing Website in providing a thorough information about its products and services on

BCA Tetap Eksis Via Perbincangan Social Media

Duardi Prihandiko, Head of Digital Marketing BCA (left), Antonius Surya, Assistant Vice President of Digital Marketing BCA(center left) , Daniel Riyardi, Officer Digital Marketing BCA (center right) and Erita Santosa, Assistant Vice President of Digital Marketing BCA (right) posing while holding the Great Performing Website plaque.

To find out about products and services, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.

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