Posted On : 26-10-2017

Today’s Pledge

Sumpah Hari Ini

Every big step starts with a small one.

One of the tiny steps you can do is by sharing and spreading positive contents on your social media platforms. Especially, if you post a pledge inviting people to do a good deed. For an instance, pledging to start disposing garbage in the designated bins and encourage your friends to do the same. Can you imagine if people are actually doing it?

Let’s start the pledge to bring change and invite as many friends as you could to join the course. Upload your photos or videos on Instagram using the hashtag #SumpahHariIni #LebihBaik and tag Instagram account @GoodLifeBCA.

Your pledge doesn’t have to be big, but it has to have an impact to create a change towards the better. Let’s speak up your voice of change for the better you and society!


  1. The movement starts from 28 October – 10 November 2017
  2. Steps to record a video on Instagram Stories are as follow:
    1. Open Instagram by tapping button on the top left corner of the app
    2. Take a video of your pledge using Instagram stories.
    3. Decorate your video with features available on Instagram Stories.

  3. Steps to post a photo and video on Instagram are as follow :
    1. Save the pledge photos and videos you’ve prepared.
    2. Upload the video to your Instagram account using hashtag #SumpahHariIni #LebihBaik and mention @GoodLifeBCA, and tag friends you want to challenge to do the same.

  4. By uploading the photo and video, you have become a leader of change for yourself and people around you!

Let’s check out the positive promises of your friends here

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