Posted On : 13-10-2017

Flazz at Tollgates

Flazz, Satu Kartu Sejuta Manfaat

The implementation of the toll payment regulation using electronic money has come closer and is to be effective as of 31 October 2017.

Flazz can now be used at all tollgates. This makes Flazz a multifunction card for commuting.

In addition to the tollgate payment, Flazz can also be used as a parking payment method in various shopping centers and office buildings, so no need to trouble yourself finding cash or waiting for the change. Flazz simplifies it for you. You can also use Flazz in various public transports, including Transjakarta, Jabodetabek Commuter Line, and Trans Jogja. In addition, Flazz can be used for payment at minimarket, supermarket, hypermarket and in more than 57 thousand other outlets. All can be done with a Flazz card.

It is very easy to get a Flazz card. Simply go to the nearest BCA Branch offices, Flazz card sales merchants and stands, or use the Go-Mart feature on Go-Jek app. Special only at the branch offices, card purchases start from Rp 25 thousand.

However, you can get a Flazz card without paying for the card fee, starting from 16 October 2017, at select tollgates that have not100 percent serving non-cash transactions. This promo cards only available until 31 October 2017 and if sold out before the given date, normal price will apply. Do not miss out the chance.

Please note that tollgates that have fully performed non-cash transactions will not distribute this special promo. There is a signage stating that said tollgate is 100 percent for cash transaction.

Cek Saldo dan Top Up Lebih Mudah

It is easy if you want to check the balance of your Flazz. Specifically on Android-based mobile phones, you can check your balance anytime and anywhere from the BCA Mobile app. You can check the video on how to do it here

In addition to that, you can check balance and make Flazz top ups at approximately 6,100 ATM BCA networks with “Top up Flazz here” sign, scattered all across Indonesia, Vending Machine Flazz, Self Service Top Up at KRL stations and branches, Flazz Sales Stands in shopping centers, and other merchants with Flazz top up logo (Alfamart, Alfamidi, Indomaret, Superindo, Es Teler 77, Gramedia, Starbucks, and many more).

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure Flazz is always in your wallet!

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