Posted On : 09-10-2017

IDN Soundscape 2017: High School Music Nostalgia with Sakuku

IDN Soundscape 2017: Nostalgia Musik Genk Putih Abu-Abu Bersama Sakuku

Hi, gang of the 2000s! Do you and your friends want to feel the sensation of attending ‘pensi’ (pentas seni – performing arts) and reunite with your #genkputihabuabu? Let’s go to IDN, 28 October 2017 at Allianz Eco Park Ancol, sponsored by Sakuku.

You will be entertained by the performance from 11 Indonesian favorite musicians including Slank, Gigi, Kahitna, Naif, Tulus, Tompi, Andra & the Backbone, Pongki Barata, D’Masiv, Float, and GAC!

Surely, you can’t wait to post photos along with your high school friends on social media. Not only that this music festival gives you a classic high school approach such as school cafeteria and high school dress code designed by Danjyo Hiyoji! Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

Sakuku users can also enjoy other privileges at IDN Soundscape, including:

  • General Admission (GA) ticket purchase with Sakuku for Rp 399.000, get free exclusive high school uniform by Danjyo Hiyoji.
  • Loket Pay card top-ups (for food and beverage purchase at the venue) with Sakuku for minimum top-up of Rp 60.000 and get a bonus of Rp 30.000 balance for the first 5000 person.
  • Fast track lane is available for Sakuku users to enter venue and perform Loket Pay card top-up.
  • Free mineral water.

GA ticket purchases with Sakuku can also be done at IDN FX Sudirman booths, Allianz Eco Park Ancol (on the spot), and MyBCA (Gandaria City and Bintaro Xchange Mall).

See you at the venue!

For further information about this event, please contact: Facebook GoodLife BCATwitter @GoodLifeBCA.

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