Posted On : 10-10-2017

KPR BCA’s “Planned Installment”, the Easy Way to Obtain the House of Your Dream

Angsuran Terencana KPR BCA, Cara Mudah Wujudkan Rumah Idaman

Obtaining a house is everyone’s dream, especially if you can realize it at young age. However, for the millennial generation, with their abundant whims, the dream of obtaining a house will always have to wait.

Why? It’s undeniable that, every week, the millennial wouldn’t hesitate to spend money to support their lifestyle. In fact, if only they are able to suppress this impulsive habit, they can use the money to fund down payment on a house and their dream of obtaining a house can be soon realized.

Realizing this, the Bank BCA via its KPR BCA product, offers a new feature called “Planned Installment”. With this feature, you, especially the millennial, can get a bigger loan or a lighter initial installment than the regular installment.

Thus, you can predict how much installment is paid annually during the interest rate period of your choice. 

This new promo feature is available starting from October – December 2017. You can get a special Fix 7% eff.p.a for the first 3 years & Cap 8% eff.p.a for the 3 subsequent years (without deposit) as well as provision discount of 50% with minimum period of credit of 8 years.

Interesting, isn’t it? So, realize your dream without leaving the comfort of your lifestyle with the new Planned Installment feature from KPR BCA. 

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For further information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.

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