Posted On : 10-09-2017

BCA Syariah and BCA Synergize to Launch Flazz BCA Syariah

Sinergi BCA Syariah dan BCA Luncurkan Flazz BCA Syariah

By launching BCA Syariah Flazz card, BCA Syariah has now proactively participated in supporting The National Non-Cash Movement initiated by the government. The BCA Syariah Flazz allows its cardholders to enjoy the convenience and benefits of the BCA Syariah Flazz cards.

“BCA is cooperating with BCA Syariah as a subsidiary of BCA to expand the use of Flazz Card as a means of daily transaction payments. We are proud to see BCA Syariah launching BCA Syariah Flazz because this is the first time for BCA Syariah entering into electronic money business," said Director of BCA Suwignyo Budiman in his speech in Jakarta, Wednesday (6/9).

“For BCA this adds to the number of banks that issue Flazz cards but this is also the first sharia bank to work with BCA,” added Suwignyo.

Similar to the use of BCA Flazz Card, the BCA Syariah Flazz cards can also be used for various types of payments, including for transportation such as TransJakarta and Jabodetabek Commuter Line, parking payments, food and beverage purchases, fuel purchases at gas stations, shopping and tollgate payments, which is available in more than 80,000 merchants in 22 cities all across Indonesia.

BCA Syariah Flazz Top-Up can also be done in all Flazz BCA merchants. BCA Syariah Flazz can be obtained at 51 BCA Syariah branches.

With three design selections, namely lifestyle, transportation and “Offerings”, a special edition that is customized to customers’ characters, the BCA Syariah Flazz card is expected to provide pride to its holders, so that they would use it every day.

“We expect BCA Syariah customers are getting more used to using a non-cash payment tool to push forward the ideal of building a Less Cash Society,” President Director of BCA Syariah John Kosasih concluded.

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