Posted On : 23-08-2017

Stay Alert! Do Not Make Fund Transfer Too Easily!

Waspada, Jangan Mudah Melakukan Transfer Dana

Jakarta, August 2017

Money fraud crime is continuously growing. For some time there has been many frauds using SMS for phishing, including the most common scam ‘mama minta pulsa’, which means mama want phone credit, that had claimed many victims.

SMS scams continue to transform into many different forms. After the public had wised up to the scam, the scammers trying a new way by sending messages claiming the recipient had won a bank’s lucky draw, credit card payment with low interest offer,  or other things.

These fraudulent text messages had been a success. According to Kumparan, November 2017, Polda Metro Jaya had arrested 10 SMS scammers, with Amril as the ringleader, a resident of Sidrap, South Sulawesi. Amril and the gang were arrested for sending “anak anda masuk rumah sakit” (which means your son/daughter is hospitalized) fraudulent text messages.

During the five years of their operation, Amril and the gang had earned millions of rupiah from their victims. They managed the crime fairly neat, with one of the gang members acting as a police, who contacted the victim, other member acting as a rep from the hospital and another one is assigned to withdraw the money from the ATM.

From his crime, Amril lived a life of great lux. Not only was he able to rent an apartment unit in Cibubur, East Jakarta, as the quarter to commit their crime, but also bought a car and built a house in his hometown, Sidrap.

These scammers had thousands of ways to gain money from their victims. When SMS fraud no longer worked, they found other ways. To be successful in performing their crime, the scammers will first hack information and identity of their victims.

Waspada, Jangan Mudah Melakukan Transfer Dana

To avoid these scams, please stay alert at all times, especially when performing a banking transaction. Please note in mind that every transfer transaction is a process of fund transfer, your balance will be reduced and the fund will move to the destination account.

To avoid errors or negligence while using ‘fund transfer’ feature, please check and ensure you’re selecting the right command prior to executing the transaction

Do not share your PIN code with anyone, including ATM PIN, mobile PIN, banking application PIN, access code, and OTP (One Time Password) for online transactions.

Stay alert and raise your awareness of irresponsible people. Should you suspect a malicious activity, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 immediately or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.

Source website BCA Prioritas

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