Posted On : 14-07-2017

LIMA Basket Ball and Futsal Competition 2017, Season V

Kompetisi Bola Basket dan Futsal di LIMA, Musim ke-5, 2017

Participating in the advancement of sports as well as the younger generation in Indonesia, the Bank BCA continues to support the program Student League Competition (LIMA) Season V – 2017. This year’s competition is becoming more exciting because, this year, BCA is taking part in supporting the two most popular sports, which have been getting the highest numbers of spectators and enthusiasts in the LIMA, namely Basket Ball and Futsal.

Futsal is the first sporting competition to be contested and is planned to be held in five areas, including Jakarta, West Java, Central Java & Special Region of Yogyakarta, East Java and Kalimantan. The futsal competition will take place on 13 July – 28 October 2017.

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Date City Address Venue
1 LIMA Futsal Greater Jakarta Conference 13 - 22 July 2017 Jakarta Jl. Raya Ragunan No.1, RT.6/RW.1, Jati Padang, Ps. Minggu, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12520 GOR Pasar Minggu
2 LIMA Futsal West Java Conference 28 July - 6 Agustus 2017 Bandung Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 785 A, Babakan Penghulu, Cinambo, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40293 Progresif Futsal
3 LIMA Futsal Central Java Yogyakarta Conference 18 - 27 August 2017 Yogyakarta Jalan Kaliurang, Km. 14,5, Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55584 GOR Universitas Islam Indonesia
4 LIMA Futsal Kalimantan Conference 14 - 23 September 2017 Pontianak Jalan, Ahmad Yani, Pontianak GOR Pangsuma
5 LIMA Futsal East Java Conference 5 - 14 October 2017 Malang Jl. Gajayana No.50, Dinoyo, Kec. Lowokwaru, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur 65144 GOR UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim
6 LIMA Futsal Nationals 2017 17 - 28 October 2017 Malang Jl. Gajayana No.50, Dinoyo, Kec. Lowokwaru, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur 65144 GOR UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim

As for the Basket Ball competition, it will be held in October until December 2017. Complete schedule of the said competition will follow.

Wait no more! For those who live in the aforementioned areas and would like to participate, please visit the 5th Season LIMA Competition and get some of the following benefits:

  • Get 1 (one) t-shirt for those who open a new Tahapan Xpresi account or perform Sakuku top up purchase in the amount of Rp 50,000 at the venue of the competition in each city.
  • Visitors with Tahapan Xpresi or the Sakuku application, can get 1 (one) additional bottle of mineral water.
  • Visitors with Tahapan Xpresi, or Sakuku application, or Flazz who purchase food/beverage and merchandise using the EDC machines, are also eligible for an additional 1 (one) bottle of mineral water.

Wait a minute! This year, BCA will also partake in the Lima Sport Training and Workshop (LSTW). In this particular activity, visitors can get additional knowledge about sports, including sports management, sports marketing, sports journalism, e-commerce and so forth.

Interesting, isn’t it? Please visit LIMA Competition Season V – 2017. Get a variety of interesting promos and products from BCA. For further information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.

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