Posted On : 19-06-2017

Tips on Obtaining Your Dream House

Tips Mewujudkan Rumah Idaman Jadi Kenyataan

Owning a house is everyone’s dream and a proof of established financial security. However, your lifestyle sometimes stands in the way of realizing your dream. Well, do not worry! There are tips from Home Fairy for you young people, those who are still single, planning to get married, newly wed, have one child or more.

Generally, people have fears to start realizing their dream to obtain a house of their dream. This usually happens because most of us don’t have the money, neither are we certain to loan money from the bank with high interest. 

The answer is you need not to be afraid because the price of property increases every year, relentlessly and inevitably. However, with the following tips, owning a house is no longer a dream.

  • Start saving!
    Have you ever realized how much money you spend every day on a cup of coffee in popular coffee shops? Or eating out on weekend in top flight cafes? If you think about it, this is not your basic needs, but you are merely pursuing desire for certain lifestyle. Let’s start saving! If we earn commissions, bonus, prizes, sweepstakes or anything of financial nature, save it! The money could be used for a down payment on a house of your dream.

  • Watch your Credit Card payment
    Make sure you pay not only credit cards, but also any credit payment on time. This is important if you are planning to buy a house with KPR. Why? Because the banks will always submit report to Bank Indonesia regarding your credit card payment processes.

  • Begin browsing through the internet and check the neighborhood
    Once you have the fund, begin browsing websites or catalogues for your dream house. And once you have found it, see the price and check the price range of other houses sold in the area. Please bear in mind, do not feel embarrassed and hesitate to negotiate for convenient price.

  • Check, check and check
    In addition to its architecture and nice neighborhood, please check whether the house has a certificate and building permit. Avoid problems of having lack/missing of legal supporting documents.

  • Find the best KPR program!
    KPR can be the best solution for you in buying a house. Choose a reputable bank with a long experience of providing KPR. Do not be lulled by the low fee at the initial payment. KPR is a long-term payment scheme, so please consider the interest and fees throughout the period you choose.

After the home fairy survey, KPR BCA is the best solution for you. Why? Check out some of the following:

  • KPR BCA offers solutions through various products that you feel safe and in accordance with your financial capabilities. Payment period can be up to 20 years.
  • Submission of loan application can be done at any nearest branch. Simple and easy! How about the after sales service? We can monitor the loans 24/7 through Klikbca or HaloBCA. Anytime and anywhere.
  • KPR appreciates the value of each pledge house. With an ongoing mortgage, in case you need funds for other necessary needs such as overseas study, buy a vehicle, and wedding expenses, you can submit a loan Top Up! Easy, is it not?

So, do not hesitate to realize your dream house. Immediately step on and make your life #LebihBaik with KPR BCA.

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