Posted On : 12-06-2017

BCA Complements Payment of 2nd Generation of Government Revenue (MPN-G2) Feature

BCA Lengkapi Fitur Pembayaran Penerimaan Negara Generasi ke 2 (MPN-G2)

Paying government revenue is an obligation as a citizen. This is not only imposed on individuals but also firms. Since September 2014, the Bank BCA has implemented a billing system (e-Billing) to accommodate this.

With MPN-G2 system, you can visit and conduct payments of Local Taxes, Customs & Excise, and Non-Tax Revenue, with ease. The payment process is considerably easy. You simply come and pay Government Revenue in all BCA counters or through electronic payment such as KlikBCA Bisnis, KlikBCA IndividuATM BCA, and specified EDC for MPN-G2. Not only practical, quick, and secure, electronic payment of Government Revenue can be done anywhere and anytime, does not depend on bank operating hours.

You are simply required to make and generate the billing code, whether it’s done via online or over the counter in any of BCA branches. Once the billing code is obtained, you can directly proceed to payment.

The readiness of BCA to accommodate payment of Government Revenue will certainly make your business smoother and, as a citizen, you have supported the development of the country.

In order to complete the process of Government Revenue payment, BCA complements the payment feature by providing specified EDC for MPN-G2. This EDC can be found and used at BPN Tangerang Selatan, BPN Bangka Tengah, KPP Kudus, Kantor Bea & Cukai Sidoarjo, and counting. You can pay various types of duties and taxes through the EDC, such as BPHTB (Duty on Land and Building Right Acquisition), Title Transfer Tax, and other revenue types. You can also obtain the billing code at the counters and proceed to payment through the EDC machine.

BCA Lengkapi Fitur Pembayaran Penerimaan Negara Generasi ke 2 (MPN-G2)

Steps to perform tax payment through the EDC machine

Simple, isn’t it? Let’s pay your tax as part of being a good citizen. Find the ease of payment through e-Channel BCA. For further information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.

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