Posted On : 12-06-2017

The Ease of Accessing Account Statement via e-Statement BCA

Kemudahan Mengakses Mutasi Rekening via e-Statement BCA

With its slogan #LebihBaik, BCA has proved its commitment to provide ease to its Customers. Now, to get the account mutation, Customers need not to make special time to go to BCA branch offices to print your Book or transaction report. All can be done more practically with the use of e-Statement BCA.

e-Statement can be accessed through KlikBCA Individu, and available for Tahapan, Tahapan Gold, Tahapan Xpresi, Tahapan Berjangka, Tapres, BCA Dollar and Individual Giro account holders.

e-Statement is a PDF version of your account statement that is easily accessible to the Customers, anytime and anywhere, providing you the latest information, which is aim to help manage your businesses and/or record your banking transactions.

To use e-Statement are easy, simply login to and choose “e-Statement” on the menu. Click the “Choose Your Account” tab, such as Tahapan Berjangka or Savings & Giro. Also choose the month you want to view. Click the “download” button, and your account statement report will be automatically downloaded.

Easy, isn’t it? Let’s make your life easier and enjoy the ease of e-Statement feature through KlikBCA Individu. For further information, contact Halo BCA 1500888, or mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA

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