Posted On : 22-02-2017

Introduce New Look for Paspor BCA Cards

Sambut Wajah Baru Kartu Paspor BCA

As the technology advances, BCA continues on making innovations for Customers’ ease and security in doing transactions. For your information, Paspor BCA Cards will renew its design soon. Let’s welcome the new look for Paspor BCA Card.

The current design for Paspor BCA Card has been used for over 15 years. Hence, BCA thinks it is time to introduce new design with an impression of modernity. The element used in new design is the unique identity of BCA logo. This is expected to represent the presence of BCA that is always by customers’ sides.

Not only was this new look introduced on Paspor BCA Cards more attractive and interesting but also features new technology and functions. BCA is ready to implement the new chip technology on its new ATM/Debit Cards. Paspor BCA Cards can also now be used as Flazz Card with the NSICCS (National Standard Indonesia Chip Card Specification) technology.

Previous features on old Paspor BCA remain available on new Paspor BCA Chip Cards, whether it’s for shopping, transaction at other bank ATMs, and become even more complete with the Flazz feature that can be used for public transport ticket payment or toll road ticket payment. Interesting, isn’t it?

Starting from 21 February 2017, Paspor BCA Chip Cards will be available in BCA branch offices.

Open new BCA account now and get the new Paspor BCA Card. Enjoy the ease of transaction with Paspor BCA via ATM, Debit and Tunai BCA. For more information, contact Halo BCA 1500888 or mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.

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