Posted On : 03-01-2017

The ease of Japanese Yen (JPY) Money Transfer via BCA with Fixed Fee

Mudahnya Pengiriman Japanese Yen (JPY) ke Jepang via BCA dengan Biaya Pasti

Indonesia, home to vast natural resources and huge market potential, has attracted and become one of the largest international investment destination countries.

Japan is one of Indonesia’s top investor with a high level of trade between the two countries.

Along with the need for easy, safe, comfortable and competitive remittance price, BCA has provided money transfer service in Japanese Yen (JPY) currency sent in full amount (received without deduction fee) with percentage-based fee, the larger the nominal, the greater the cost.

Through the latest Guaranteed JPY BCA product, with a valid promotional period from January - December 2017, with fixed fee of JPY 3,000 for any amount (regardless of how much money transferred) to three correspondent banks:

  • The Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubshi UFJ, Ltd.
  • Sumimoto Mitsui Bank Corporation
  • Mizuho Bank Ltd.

For safe, easy, comfortable and fixed fee, make your transaction with BCA for your safe, easy, convenient and fixed fee. For more information, contact Halo BCA 1500888 or mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.

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