Posted On : 23-12-2016

Easier Sakuku Top Up via BCA mobile and KlikBCA Individual

Sakuku app continues to offer various attractive features and promotions. To enjoy the latest promotions, make sure you have enough balance to conduct the transaction. BCA now offers an alternative solution to the inconvenience of running out of balance by allowing Sakuku users to automatically set regular top ups for your Sakuku through the transfer menu.

Now you can set monthly automatic fund allocation from your BCA account to your Sakuku application. Sakuku Top-Up is available through BCA mobile and KlikBCA Individu.
It’s easy! If you are a BCA mobile user, simply login to m-, then choose m-Transfer > Transfer Sakuku.

Choose between Transfer Now, Transfer On Date, or Transfer Periodically. If you choose Transfer Periodically, you can choose the type of periodical transfer. Every couple of days, every day, or every particular date. You also need to enter the period of transfer and what date the transfer ends.

Mudah Top Up Sakuku Berkala via BCA mobile dan KlikBCA Individu

Mudah Top Up Sakuku Berkala via BCA mobile dan KlikBCA Individu

Display when selecting Periodical Transfer to Sakuku

Next, enter your Sakuku number, a mount to be transferred, and follow the next easy steps.
Sakuku Top-Up is available on KlikBCA Individual by following the same process. Simply login to KlikBCA and choose Transfer Dana > Transfer to Sakuku, enter your Sakuku number and the amount to be transferred, and follow the next easy steps.

As a reminder, maximum balance for Sakuku application is Rp 1.000.000 and Rp 10.000.000 if you have activated Sakuku Plus. Enjoy other amazing features and promotions, which will make your hangout even more all out.

So what are you waiting for? Download, register, and activate Sakuku Plus application. Keep using Sakuku without worrying about running out of balance with automatic periodic transfer using BCA mobile or KlikBCA Individu.

For more information, contact Halo BCA 1500888 or BCA official Twitter account: @HaloBCA.

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