Investor News

BCA, as a limited liability company and a bank incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, has an obligation to hold a General Meeting of Shareholders. Both the General Meeting of Shareholders in the annual and extraordinary. The result of a decision issued from the General Meeting of Shareholders shall be entitled to be widely known.

Here is a list of the results of the General Meeting of Shareholders

Date Subject
23 April 2018 Analysts Meeting Presentation - First Quarter 2018 Results
09 April 2018 Final Dividen Year 2017
09 April 2018 Resolutions of GMS (Summary of GMS) Annual and Extraordinary GMS 2018
14 March 2018 The Candidate's Profile/Curriculum Vitae of Member of The Board of Directors
14 March 2018 Annual General Meeting Of Shareholders And Extraordinary General Meeting Of Shareholders
14 March 2018 Notice of The AGM and EGM 2018
08 March 2018 Analysts Meeting Presentation - Full Year 2017 Results
27 February 2018 Preliminary Notice of The AGM and EGM 2018
24 November 2017 Sale and Purchase Agreement of 30% shares of PT Central Santosa Finance
23 November 2017 Announcement Schedule and Procedure For Distribution of Interim Cash Dividends For Financial Year 2017