Investor News

BCA, as a limited liability company and a bank incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, has an obligation to hold a General Meeting of Shareholders. Both the General Meeting of Shareholders in the annual and extraordinary. The result of a decision issued from the General Meeting of Shareholders shall be entitled to be widely known.

Here is a list of the results of the General Meeting of Shareholders

Date Subject
04 August 2020 Publication of Summary of Minutes of EGMS
30 July 2020 Main Resolutions of The EGMS 2020
27 July 2020 Analysts Meeting Presentation – First Half 2020 Results
13 July 2020 Comparative Table of BCA AoA Amendments
13 July 2020 The Proposed Draft of the Amendment of AoA
08 July 2020 Deed of Acquisition Draft
08 July 2020 Main Summary Amendement of Articles of Association
08 July 2020 Power of Attorney to Attend EGMS
08 July 2020 Declaration Letter
08 July 2020 Notice of The EGMS 2020