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Maxi Protection

Protection throughout all stages of life

Why Maxi Protection?

Lifetime Protection

Life insurance up to 99 years

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty Bonus up to 75% Basic Premium

Private Room

PHS Plus Rider for private inpatient rooms around the world

Maxi Protection

Maxi Protection

Important Information Fees Get the Product Additional Insurance FAQ

Important Information

Insurance Benefits

  • Death Benefit of up to 100% Sum Assured
  • Additional Death Benefit Due to Accident in the amount of Death Benefit, maximum of Rp500,000,000
  • Additional Death Benefit Due to Accident in common carrier in the amount of Additional Death Benefit Due to Accident, maximum of Rp500,000,000
  • Additional Benefit from different insurance riders

Risks and Exclusions


This product is a unit link insurance plan and contains risks, including but not limited to, market risks, liquidity risks, risk of changing economic and political conditions, credit risks, withdrawal and redemption risk, tax risk, accountability risk of managed funds, and exchange rate risk.


Death benefit is not payable if the customer does not disclose the actual health information and the claim filed is included in the Exclusions.

See brochure for full risks and exclusions

Terms and Conditions

  • Age of the Insured: 18-70 years old
  • Minimum age of the policyholder is 18 years old


This product is an insurance of PT AIA Financial (AIA) and is not a product of BCA. BCA shall not be responsible for such insurance products.

Read the full disclaimer




Insurance Fee In force from the policy effective date and the amount depends on age and Sum Assured
Acquisition Fee

1st Policy Year: 70% of Annual Basic Premium

2nd Policy Year - onwards: 0% of Annual Basic Premium

Top-Up Fee 3% of Top-Up Premium
Administration Fee

Policy Year < 10 years: US$5

Policy Year > 10 years: US$3

Maintenance Fee 3% (US Dollar Policy) per year from Basic Premium Account Value carried out on the first 7 years of policy

Get the Product

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Additional Insurance

Health Insurance Rider
Premier Hospital & Surgical Plus (PHS Plus)
Critical Illness Insurance Rider
C3 Additional dan C3 Enhancer
Premium Exemption Supplemental Insurance
Waiver of Premium Rider


How long is the Insurance Period and Premium Paying Term?

Until the Insured turns 99 years old

What are the requirements to get the Loyalty Bonus and how much?

  • Basic Premium paid in full until the 10th, 11th, and 12th policy year
  • Withdrawal of accumulated Basic Premium Account Value is not greater than twice the Annual Basic Premium
  • 10th Policy Year by 15%, 11th by 25%, 12th by 35%

Is the estimated Account Value on the Benefit Illustration guaranteed?

No, investment returns may change at any time (higher or lower) according to market conditions and are not guaranteed.