Banking information at your fingertips



Orders and answers are in SMS form that can be saved on your mobile phone

Unlimited Access

Banking information and transaction anywhere anytime online through mobile phone


No need to go to branch office or ATM



Transaction services and special banking information via SMS messages on mobile phones.


All Providers
Access BCA SMS with any provider that operates in Indonesia
Any Transaction
Any transaction other than withdrawing money can be done via BCA SMS
Affordable SMS Cost
No need to worry that your credit will be drained because the cost required is even less than IDR 2,000

Important Information

  • If there is a system disruption at BCA or operator network issue, the SMS BCA service cannot be accessed temporarily
  • The deposit account that can be inquired is an active deposit account linked to the ATM card used for registration of the SMS BCA facility
  • Deletion of credit card information registration via SMS BCA will automatically remove access to credit card information facilities via SMS BCA, m-BCA or KlikBCA Individu

To accommodate its customer’s needs, BCA provides competitive limits and fees for each product and service. View the limits and fees for SMS BCA below.

For prepaid customer: Credits will immediately decrease.

For postpaid customer: Will be included in the monthly billing statement.

SMS BCA Service Tariff:

  • GSM Tariff= IDR500 - IDR1166
  • CDMA Tariff = IDR400 - IDR650

*Eff. Date February 1st 2020

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