Arrange the Future of your Child's Education Plan

  • Each parent wants their children to exceed their own personal achievements, including education.
  • Currently, the cost of education is relatively high because of inflation. Therefore, preparing the funds for your child's education early on is crucial
  • For more effective result, divide the plan into short term and long term

Preparing the Short Term Education Funds

  • Short term education plan is needed if the education phase will be started less than 3 years ahead.
  • For short term, Deposito can be the solution for your education fund preparation.

Long Term (Time >10 years)

  • When planning long term education funds, you will need a long term investment that is also practical and flexible.
  • Some investment choices that are available for you include:
    a.Edusave: Education insurance for your child.
    b.Provisa Max: Planned investment, maximum protection, optimal benefits.
Maxi Kid Investa


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