Fulfill Your Child's Educational Funds Now

  • Will your child be going to school/ college soon (in less than 1 year)?
  • Find out how much it costs. Is the budget you have prepared enough? Learn and understand alternative solutions you can opt for in order to fulfill the needs of your child's educational funds.

Available Budget

  • Have you calculated how much is needed for your child's current educational funds?
  • What about the remaining budget for your child’s education? Is it sufficient or not?
  • If the educational funds are sufficient, next you need to maintain the availability of those funds in the short run.
  • You can use Deposito to help you save the funds you already have.

Deposito Reksadana Pasar Uang
  • Sometimes, although you have planned everything, you still encounter unexpected financial obstacles.
  • If the educational funds are still insufficient, you can seek financial assistance by refinancing your home or vehicle.
  • The financing facilities that could help you include KPR and KKB refinancing.
KPR Refinancing   KKB Refinancing