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    Life is so much easier with banking technology and innovation

Banking Transactions via Mobile Phone and Computer

In this technological era, banking transactions can be done easily anytime and anywhere. Several advanced technology platforms are already used to facilitate the customers.

Mobile phones and computers are two devices that allow you to have fast and easy banking transactions. Without having to wait in line, you can perform transactions simply by pressing or clicking a button.

  • Non-cash transactions such as checking your balance/ transactions, transfers between BCA accounts, paying your credit card bill or recharging your mobile credit.
  • Activate the mobile banking feature on your mobile by registering your number through an ATM or the nearest branch.
The developments of smartphone technology become a choice in helping everyday mobility. And to help the banking, smartphones that can be used here are BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone.

Banking features can be optimized using your Smartphones, which include:

  • SMS BCA: Obtain banking information through text messages
  • m-BCA: Ease your transactions by using your mobile phone
  • KlikBCA: More complete information about your account
  • BCA Mobile: an application that can be used to do banking transactions through BCA mobile banking and/ or KlikBCA

  • It is as if you have your own ATM at home.
  • Conduct several non-cash transactions starting from checking your balance; transactions between other banks; paying your bills up to online shopping.
  • All by using your personal computer or notebook that is connected to the internet.

Get yourself these privileges, register for KlikBCA (internet banking) at your nearest ATM BCA or BCA branch now.

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