• Easy Transaction

    Life is so much easier with banking technology and innovation

Shopping, Purchasing and Payment Transactions

Back then, you always had to carry cash in large amounts everywhere to shop but it does not solve the safety issues

Now, you can use the services provided by BCA to perform easy shopping.

  • One card with Cash/ Debit facilities in order to make your payments easier and cash withdrawals.
  • Shopping transactions without cash at various merchants with Debit BCA logo, spread throughout Indonesia.
  • Cash withdrawal facilities in many merchants with Tunai BCA logo spread throughout Indonesia.
Debit BCA Tunai BCA
  • Easy and practical transactions
  • Various discounts or special offers.
  • Reward system that can be used for your next shopping spree.
  • Installment facilities with low interest rates up to 0% for a certain time period.

BCA Credit Card can be the right solution for easier transactions.

BCA Credit Card
  • Fast and practical transactions.
  • Can be used in public places that have the Flazz logo such as restaurants, gas stations, parking lots, and others.
  • The various promotions offered can help you save money.

The Prepaid Flazz Card can be the right solution to support your daily activities.

Flazz Card

Back then, you always had to carry cash in large amounts whenever you went shopping. Surely make you feel uncomfortable concerning the security risks.

Other than shopping directly at the store; mall; merchant; or other shopping areas, shopping online can now also be an option for easier transactions.

Now you can use the facilities provided by BCA to make your shopping much easier.

BCA KlikPay