• Future Investment

    Designing your future must be started from very now with the right investment

Financial Optimization

  • Your current financial condition
  • Risk profile and your choice of investment
  • Investment time frame
  • Understand how investments work

Short Term (< 1 year)

  • Short term investment options ( 1 – 12 months).
  • Type of investments with a relatively stable return.

If you want to do short term investments, with a relatively stable return, BCA Deposito can fulfill your needs.


Medium to Long Term
  • Investment option with a time period of > 1 year.
  • Type of investment with a relatively high return.

Tips: Observe the market conditions for optimum results.

Investment Options :

  • Provisa: provides protection plus fund growth in the future.
  • Property: can be rented out or sold in multiple values with a relatively stable risk. KPR can be an alternative financing source.


Risk Profile:

  1. Very Conservative
    You prioritize the return of your capital investment and do not mind relinquishing the highest possible return. You cannot tolerate the risk of losing the capital so you tend to choose investments in savings/ Deposit and Money Market Mutual Funds that can be liquidated at any time.

    General Asset Allocation :
    Cash/ Deposit : 65%
    Money Market : 35%
    Investment Time Frame : < 1 year

  2. Conservative
    You expect a stable growth in your investment and periodic returns. You only tolerate minimal risk and tend yo liquidate your investment if the value decreases/ experience a loss.

    General Asset Allocation:
    Cash/ Deposit : 30%
    Money Market : 35%
    Fixed Income : 35%
    Investment Time Frame : 1- 3 years 

  3. Moderate
    Your investment goal is to obtain periodic returns and capital growth in a medium to long term time frame. You can accept the risk of short term investment value decrease in order to obtain the potential of a higher capital growth in the medium to long term time frame. You tend to not liquidate your investment if there is a decrease in the value, yet you will monitor your investment more closely.

    General Asset Allocation:
    Cash/ Deposit : 10%
    Money Market : 25%
    Fixed Income : 35%
    Shares : 30%
    Investment Time Frame : 3 - 4 Years

  4. Aggressive
    Your goal is to increase your capital investment in the long term with a maximum return. You are willing to take a higher risk in order to obtain higher investment value in the long term. You tend to not liquidate your investment even though there is a decrease in your investment value.

    General Asset Allocation:
    Cash/ Deposit : 10%
    Money Market : 10%
    Fixed Income : 20%
    Shares : 60%
    Investment Time Frame : >4 Years