Renovating My Home

Remodeling is one way to create your ideal home, for example, when you have addition to the family or you would like to create a new atmosphere in your home.

  • Plan your residential remodeling.
  • Note the regulations governing housing in the local area.
  • Seek information from the contractor, the architect, or other relevant experts.
  • Adjust the renovation plan to your budget.
  • Seek a variety of financing alternatives.
  • When the need of additional financing arises, determine the actual loan you need.

As a bank that understands the needs of its customers, BCA provides financing solutions for those who want to renovate their dwellings.

You can choose between a residence or a vehicle as collateral for financing your renovations.

Residential Collateral

  • Several types of installment options are available, and can be tailored to your needs, for regular or Stay Flexible installments.
  • A fixed installment is suitable for those who live on a fixed monthly income.
  • Flexible installments are more suitable for those whose income may vary every month
Benefits of Fixed Installments
  • Certainty of monthly installment amount
  • Easier to manage finances
Choice of interest rate:
  • Fixed first year
  • Fixed first 2 years
  • Fix'n'Cap with certainty of the rate for 5 years

If you happen to need cash from your fixed number of installments, mortgage refinancing can help to meet your needs.

KPR Refinancing
Installment Flexible Benefits:
  • Flexibility in determining the amount of monthly installments.
  • The ability to draw funds back from principal installments already paid.
Choice of interest rate:
  • Fixed first year
  • Fixed first 2 years

When you need flexibility in installment payments, Xtra mortgage low cost will help to fulfill your needs.

KPR Xtra

Sale of Collateral

You can get cash to renovate your home by mortgaging your car registration.

Choice of interest rate:
  • Fixed 1 year to 4 years.
  • Fix n Cap