Complete Residential

As a bank that understands the needs of its customers, BCA provides financing solutions for those who want to secure their dwelling intelligently. 

Consider: how much money do you really need?

  • If the amount of funds required is relatively large, a collateral source of funding can be considered.
  • If the amount of funds required is relatively small, an unsecured funding source could be a suitable option.

With Collateral

To meet the complete needs of your home, there is the option of determining the assets to be pledged as collateral, i.e. collateral property or vehicle collateral.
  • Available types of installment options are tailored to your needs, as installments or Stay Flexible installments.
  • An Installment Plan is appropriate for those who live on a fixed income each month.
  • Flexible Installments suit those whose income can vary each month.

Benefits of fixed installments:

  • Certainty of monthly installments.
  • Easier to manage finances

Choice of interest rates:

  • Fixed first 1 year
  • Fixed first 2 years
  • Fix n Cap with certainty of the rate up to 5 years

If you happen to need cash during a fixed number of installments, mortgage refinancing can meet your needs.

KPR Refinancing

Flexible Installments

Installment Flexible Benefits:

  • Flexibility in determining the amount of monthly installments.
  • The ability to draw funds back from principal installments already paid.

Choice of interest rates:

  • Fixed first 1 year
  • Fixed first 2 years

When you need flexible installment payments, Xtra mortgage products are designed to meet your needs.

KPR Xtra
You can get cash to renovate your home by mortgaging your car registration.

Choice of interest rate:

  • Fixed 1 year to 4 years.
  • Fix n Cap.

Without Collateral

If your home requirements are relatively modest, a simple solution without any collateral which can help you finance is the BCA credit card.

Enjoy a variety of benefits in completing a BCA Credit Card application, such as:

  • Promos and attractive deals from cooperating merchants
  • Convert transactions into low-interest installments
  • Win BCA rewards, which can be used at cooperating merchants