Home Ownership Loan KPR Refinancing

Need quick, easy, convenient, and safe funds for your personal needs? KPR BCA Refinancing is the answer. By providing your house, business, or apartment as collateral, KPR BCA Refinancing can help solve all your financing problems.

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KPR BCA Refinancing can help you finance your personal needs, from healthcare, education, and wedding cost.

  • Low and stable interest rate and light installments ensuring you have all your needs fulfilled.
  • Easy requirements
  • Penalty-free KPR BCA Refinancing (except for Fix 3, 5 Tahun, Fix & Cap interest) for partial/complete loan acquittal
Syarat dan Ketentuan

There is always a way to make dreams come true. Get the funds to enrich your life by fulfilling these easy requirements.

Conditions Terms and Conditions
Applicant Indonesian citizen, minimum 18 y/o or married, full time employment, entrepreneur, or professional.
Length of employment/business Employee
Length of employment: minimum one year with previous employer or total work experience of two years

Entrepreneur and professional
Length of business experience: minimum two years (in the same field)
Maximum age when loan period expires Employee: 55 y/o
Entrepreneur/professional: 65 y/o.
Installment amount Installment calculated from gross income (spousal income may be combined)
Insurance Must include life and fire insurance with banker’s clause conditions.
Agreement Willing to sign loan agreement and Imposition Mortgage Deed (APHT or Akta Pembebanan Hak Tanggungan).
Payment Installments automatically debited from BCA account.

Document requirements

No. Document Employee Entrepreneur Professional
1 Copy of applicant KTP
2 Copy of spouse KTP
3 Copy of family record
4 Copy or marriage or divorce certificate
5 Copy of NPWP/annual tax record
6 Copy of SIUP - -
7 Copy of TDP*) - -
8 Copy of valid Deed of Establishment/Change*) - -
9 Copy of MOJ Ratification Deed*) - -
10 Copy of License Practice - -
11 Original salary slip or income declaration in the previous one month **) - -
12 Copy of savings account in the previous three months
13 Original statement/Recommendation from employer **) - -
14 Notarized separation deed and registered assets from KUA or civil records (if any)
15 Original statement of property mortgage or property-backed loans, existing and/or in progress

Property Document Requirements

No. Document New House/ Business/ Apartment Used House/ Business/ Apartment Refinancing / Renovation
1 Copy of HM/ HGB/ Strata Title certificate ***)
2 Copy of building permit
3 Copy of blueprint (if any)
4 Copy of Sale/Purchase Deed -
5 Copy of previous L&B Tax record -
6 Copy of Renovation Budget ****) - -

Note :

*) For legal body/corporation only

**) For spouse joint income application, provide documents from both parties

***) For apartment refinancing application, certificate is under spouse name

****) For home renovation/improvement

KPR Refinancing Application Process


Fill loan application form


Send to BCA along with required documents


BCA will process your application


BCA will announce result of application processing

Applying for KPR Refinancing

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