• Remittance BCA

    Remittance services in foreign currency to domestic or foreign recipients, either to BCA account and from BCA account

Outward Remittance

Globalization has brought the world closer and closer. As a result, the need for international financial transactions has increased exponentially. Remittance BCA offers customers the ability to transfer funds in 14 different currencies to recipients anywhere in the world, at home or abroad. Send and receive foreign currencies safely and on time thanks to our reliable system.


  • Fast and safe
  • Competitive exchange rate and fees in 14 types of currencies including Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Swiss Franc (CHF), Danish Krone (DKK), Euro (EUR), Pound Sterling (GBP), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), Japanese Yen (JPY), China Yuan (CNY), Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR), Swedish Krona (SEK), Singapore Dollar (SGD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), and US Dollar (USD)
  • Special service for transfers to China (China Today express service, Yuan Remittance, and RMB Trade Settlement)
  • Value Today
  • Full Amount
  • Supported by a wide network of correspondent banks throughout the world.

Incomplete data and information provided by customer and banking system interruption, may cause service inconvenience or payment delay and rejection. Fund transfers may be directed to all countries around the world except sanctioned countries / jurisdictions from relevant authorities.

Local Currency Settlement

Foreign exchange transaction services to Malaysia and Thailand use the local currency Rupiah, Malaysian Ringgit and Thai Baht which are easy and provide benefits for your trading transactions.

  • Exchange rates and more competitive costs, no need to convert to USD.

Terms and conditions:

  • The MYR currency can only be directed to Malaysia and the THB currency can only be directed to Thailand.
  • IDR currency can only be directed to ACCD Bank * in Malaysia and Thailand.
  • Submit underlying documents.
  • The fee charged is IDR 50,000 (Telex Fee) + USD 25 eqv (MYR & THB Full Amount Fee) or IDR 350,000 (IDR Full Amount Fee)

* ACCD Bank (Appointed Cross Currency Bank Dealer) is a bank designated by the central bank to be able to run an LCS.

AUD Remittance

AUD Full Amount
Enjoy our AUD Full Amount transfer service to all banks in Australia with competitive fee

Terms and Condition:
Telex Fee is Rp 50,000,- + AUD 20

AUD Today
Transferring AUD to Australia until 1:00 p.m. and directly received on the same day, list of beneficiary bank as follows:

  • ANZ Bank
  • NAB
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Westpac

Terms and Condition:
Telex Fee is Rp 50,000,- + Remittance Fee

Multicurrency BCA

An OR transaction services serving more than 124 foreign currency (aside of 14 foreign currencies that are currently available). BCA will delivery into USD currency and recipient will receive in local currency in their country. 

Acceptable values correspond to Multicurrency exchange rate that valid at the transactions time.

Delivery and foreign exchange transactions based USD can be only executed into country based currency (eg currency MYR to Malaysia or Thailand THB).

Terms and conditions:

  • The fee is Rp 50.000, - (Telex fee) + $ 20 (Full Amount fee)
Guaranteed Euro
BCA understands your international banking needs, so we continuously strive to innovate new ways to meet them. Guaranteed Euro allows you to send Euro to anywhere in the world. Transferred funds are guaranteed their full value, with an added fee of 30 Euros and a telex fee of Rp 50,000.

BCA guarantees that you will not be charged fees during the transfer process outside of the paid upfront fee. We also guarantee that there will be no debits or reductions in the future, no matter the amount of funds sent, and regardless of the designated country. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Sender must provide recipient name, International Bank Account Number (IBAN), and the correct BID (Swift) code
  • Sender must pay the full amount of EUR 30 fee, and IDR 50,000 telex fee

Inward Remittance

We understand the value of currencies is crucial to your business. Service stability and accuracy in managing foreign currencies can reduce your loss risk. Inward Remittance from BCA facilitates all types of foreign transfers sent from abroad to Indonesia.

BCA understands that business transactions between countries require great credibility that is trustworthy from the exporter. With Inward Remittance, the need for foreign currency transactions for exports is handled quickly and accurately. With BCA, your foreign currency transfers as an exporter is reliable.

Introducing the Service

Customer satisfaction is our main priority and so we design products and services around your needs. With Inward Remittance, all forms of foreign transactions are facilitated. Service stability and accuracy from BCA in handling foreign currencies is designed to reduce your loss risk. In order for the foreign currency transaction to run smoothly for the customer, BCA Inward Remittance provides credit options to BCA accounts.

Your daily business activities don't need to disturbed by problems about fund transfers between countries. Standard Inward Remittance with a Credit option to a BCA account means IR funds can be immediately credited to your account.

If you are interested in our Inward Remittance service, please contact your nearest BCA branch.

Introducing the Service

With Inward Remittance, all types of foreign currency transactions are made easier. Service stability and accuracy from BCA in handling foreign currencies will be able to reduce your loss risk as an entrepreneur. To accommodate our customer's needs, BCA Inward Remittance offers the option to credit funds to a customer's account with another bank.

Through this option, BCA can transfer funds quickly and easily from its correspondent bank to recipients in Indonesia to minimize any problems in fund transfers between countries.

Inward Remittance Standard with a Credit option to customer accounts in other banks accommodates the IR funds in order for it to be credited to a customer's account even though it is from a different bank.

If you are interested in this Inward Remittance service, please contact your nearest BCA branch.

Introducing the Service

With Inward Remittance, money transferred to you can be obtained in cash by using a PIN. You can draw the funds sent from overseas through Mitra BCA or an international money transfer operator. The funds can be drawn in all BCA branches and liquidating agents that cooperate with BCA. Doing it is simple, just come to your nearest BCA branch and show your PIN and valid ID.

The terms and conditions for drawing funds sent to you are:

  1. Fill out the withdrawal application form
  2. Show your PIN and valid ID
  3. The name on the application must match the name on the valid ID
  4. Pay IDR 6.000 stamp duty

If you are interested in this Inward Remittance service, please contact your nearest BCA branch.

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