Introducing our Product

Globalization has brought the world closer and closer. As a result, the need for international financial transactions has increased exponentially. Remittance BCA offers customers the ability to transfer funds in 14 different currencies to recipients anywhere in the world, at home or abroad. Send and receive foreign currencies safely and on time thanks to our reliable system.


  • Fast and safe
  • Competitive exchange rate and fees in 14 types of currencies including Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Swiss Franc (CHF), Danish Krone (DKK), Euro (EUR), Pound Sterling (GBP), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), Japanese Yen (JPY), China Yuan (CNY), Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR), Swedish Krona (SEK), Singapore Dollar (SGD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), and US Dollar (USD)
  • Special service for transfers to China (China Today express service, Yuan Remittance, and RMB Trade Settlement)
  • Value Today
  • Full Amount
  • Supported by more than 2,030 banking correspondents around the world
Multicurrency BCA

An OR transaction services serving more than 124 foreign currency (aside of 14 foreign currencies that are currently available). BCA will delivery into USD currency and recipient will receive in local currency in their country. 

Acceptable values correspond to Multicurrency exchange rate that valid at the transactions time.

Delivery and foreign exchange transactions based USD can be only executed into country based currency (eg currency MYR to Malaysia or Thailand THB).

Terms and conditions:

  • Application for foreign exhange must be received branch before 15:00 pm
  • The fee is Rp 50.000, - (Telex fee) + $ 25 (Full Amount fee)
Guaranteed JPY

A service delivery Japanese Yen currency with certainty cost. Whatever the nominal amount sent will be received intact on third beneficiary bank in Japan to cooperate, namely:

  • The Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Corporation
  • Mizuho Bank Ltd.

Promo Delivery Guaranteed JPY with the exact cost JPY 3,000 effective January 1 2017 - June 30, 2017

Terms and conditions:

  • Application for foreign exhange must be received branch before 15:00 pm
  • The fee is Rp 50.000, - (Telex fee) + JPY 3,000 (Full Amount promo fee)

Guaranteed Euro
BCA understands your international banking needs, so we continuously strive to innovate new ways to meet them. Guaranteed Euro allows you to send Euro to anywhere in the world. Transferred funds are guaranteed their full value, with an added fee of 30 Euros and a telex fee of Rp 50,000.

BCA guarantees that you will not be charged fees during the transfer process outside of the paid upfront fee. We also guarantee that there will be no debits or reductions in the future, no matter the amount of funds sent, and regardless of the designated country. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Sender must provide recipient name, International Bank Account Number (IBAN), and the correct BID (Swift) code
  • Sender must pay the full amount of EUR 30 fee, and IDR 50,000 telex fee
Transfer to China

Remittance BCA provides quick and reliable money transfer services to facilitate your needs.

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