• BCA By Phone

    Information and Banking Services Through Your Phone

Get to Know the Service

Simply by using a phone call, all your banking needs can be taken care of. This is what BCA by Phone offer BCA customers to help ease their daily transaction needs.


  • Enjoy transaction freedom by phone without having to visit a bank teller or ATM
  • BCA by Phone is user-friendly.
  • Get banking information such as Foreign Exchange Information (USD, SGD, HKD, AUD, JPY, EURO), Interest Rate Information (Interest Rate of accounts in BCA).
  • You can also perform non-cash financial transactions by simply follow the instructions given.
  • We know the hassle of waiting for instructions to end. BCA by Phone allows you to skip the instruction and go straight to the transactions you need.
  • BCA is protected by multilevel security system using Personal Identification Number (PIN) and KeyBCA
  • Get easy access to BCA by Phone by pressing 1500 123 to be automatically connected

Get the Service

  • BCA by Phone is available for BCA Prioritas, Tapres, Giro, BCA Dollar, BCA Card, and Tahapan dengan Kartu Paspor Platinum customers
  • To register for BCA by Phone and KeyBCA, visit the nearest BCA branch. Transactions cannot be conducted without KeyBCA with the exception of cash withdrawal. Once customer has KeyBCA for KlikBCA Individual, customer will be directed to register for BCA by Phone and add KeyBCA connection at the nearest BCA branch.
  • For more information, visit the nearest BCA branch, call Halo BCA 1500888, or send an email to: halobca@bca.co.id.

BCA by Phone Access

Jadetabek 1500 123
Bandung 022 - 424 1423
Surabaya 031 - 29805323
Medan* 0804-1-999-123*
Malang* 0804-1-999-123*
Palembang* 0804-1-999-123*
Solo* 0804-1-999-123*
Semarang* 0804-1-999-123*
Cirebon* 0804-1-999-123*
Jambi* 0804-1-999-123*
Other cities 021 - 255-63123*

Areas marked * (star) will be charged Rp 550/minute 

Transaction Limit

Transaction Type Maximum Limit per Day
Rupiah to Rupiah transfer Rp 100 million
Rupiah to foreign currency (FC) transfer Equivalent to Rp 15 million (part of Rp 100 million limit)*
FC to Rupiah transfer Equivalent to Rp 100 million*
FC to FC transfer (same currency) Equivalent to Rp 100 million*
Payment Determined by bill amount
Mobile top up Rp 2,5 million per day per card (includes PPN)**

* Limit is combination of BCA by Phone Business transfer and BCA by Phone Prioritas.
** Limit is combination of transaction limit at ATM, ANT, KlikBCA Individual, m-BCA, SMS Top up, and SMS BCA
**Eff Date 11 Des 2017


Customers will be charged with KeyBCA administration fee, a device used for financial transactions. KeyBCA administration fee will only be charged for request of new or replacement KeyBCA due to damage/loss.

BCA by Phone services will be temporarily unavailable when BCA system or Telkom system encounters a network problem
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