Bank on the go with BCA mobile app. Conduct non-cash transactions using BCA mobile banking (m-BCA) and BCA internet banking (KlikBCA Smartphone) whenever, wherever.


m-BCA Benefits

  1. No SIM card changes
    m-BCA transactions are available through all GSM operators, including Telkomsel, XL Axiata, Indosat, Axis, and Three
  2. Low transactions cost 
    Reduce unnecessary cost using GPRS/EDGE/3G/WIFI internet connection
  3. Payment Data Storage
    m-BCA’s storage feature enables you to conduct repeat transactions without having to input the data all over again
  4. Transfer Data
    m-BCA saves your transfer activities--whether you’re sending funds between BCA accounts or to other banks—to a list for a time-saving and reliable banking experience
  5. Practical and Easy to Use
    Recipient company or banking code is not required for payment and transfer transactions. With m-BCA, simply choose For KlikBCA Facility menu.

Everything made it simple for BCA mobile users (#DiBikinSimpel). Enjoy the latest services as follows:

  1. Open an Account feature via menu Buka Rekening Baru
  2. QR feature scan QR code, An easy way to do payment or transfer without numbers, only scan your QR code. For further information please click here.
  3. BCA Keyboard facility trough menu Aktivasi BCA Keyboard, Check your saldo, account mutation and transfer while chatting in the same application. For further information please click here.
  4. Block BCA ATM Card facility through menu Akun Saya  → Blokir 
  5. BCA Credit Card Blocking feature via menu m-Admin→ Blokir Kartu Kredit 
  6. BCA Card Control feature BCA through m-Admin feature BCA through menu m-Admin → Kontrol Kartu Kredit
  7. Credit Card Activation feature BCA through menu m-Admin → Aktivasi Kartu Kredit
  8. BCA Credit Card PIN Make / change facility via m-Admin menu → Buat/Ubah PIN
  9. Cardless Transaction feature through Cash Withdrawal menu → Tarik Tunai, Setor Tunai, Cabang
  10. Check BCA Credit Card e-Statement facility trough menu m-Admin → Request Ulang
  11. Request extra limit BCA Credit Card feature via menu m-Admin → Request Limit Kartu Kredit
  12. Check Reward BCA feature via menu m-Info → Info Reward BCA

For KlikBCA Facility
ClickBCA Launcher
Easy to access KlikBCA smartphone version smartphone with just one click

For BCA Info facility
Informative apps that contain a variety of the latest interesting information from BCA. Get complete information from BCAInfo here

For Flazz credit balance 
Easy to check balance as well as the latest 10 transaction information from Flazz card, on Android smartphone equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) feature. 

Galeri Infografis

Cara Tarik Tunai di ATM

Following this ways for Cash withdrawal through a cardless transaction via BCA mobile:

BCA Mobile Application

Download BCA mobile application on your smartphone today.

You can access it straight from your Android using the following 3 (three) alternative downloads:

  1. Go to using your Android Browser and then click the "BCA mobile" menu, or go to, choose e-banking under Products & Services and click the BCA mobile menu, then choose the download menu. Select e-Banking on Products and Services then click BCA mobile menu then click banner to download.You will be directed immediately to the BCA download landing page
    After you click DOWNLOAD, the BCA mobile application will automatically download and adjust itself in order to suit your type of Android.
  2. You can also access directly at on your Android Browser.

In order to use m-BCA, you will need to re-download and replace the BCA mobile application in order to use all m-BCA functions.

You can access it straight from your iPhone using the following 2 (two) alternative downloads: using your Android Browser and then click the "BCA mobile" menu, or go to, choose e-banking under Products & Services and click the BCA mobile menu, then choose the download menu

  1. Go to using your Safari Browser and then click the "BCA mobile" menu, or go to, choose e-banking under Products & Services and click the BCA mobile menu. You will enter the App Store. Click download BCA mobile.
  2. Access the App Store, search for the BCA mobile application. Or go to the Finance category and choose Top Free, then search for BCA mobile and select.

For PC/MAC users, click here to directly download the BCA mobile application using iTunes.

What You Need to Know
How to get BCA mobile:
  • Download BCA app
  • Register for m-BCA or KlikBCA through an ATM or BCA branch for non-financial
  • Has activated financials at the BCA branch for financial transactions
  • Only available for BlackBerry/Android/iPhone/Windows Phone smartphone users
  • Only available for GSM operator users
BCA mobile menu features:
  • m-BCA :
    • BagiBagi
    • Flazz
    • m-Info
    • m-Transfer
    • m-Payment
    • m-Commerce
    • Cardless (OS Android dan iOS only)
    • QR
    • m-Admin
    • Aktivasi BCA Keyboard
  • KlikBCA :
    • Purchase
    • Payment
    • e-Commerce Payment
    • Fund Transfer
    • Account Information
    • Administration
  • Info BCA: 
    • BCA Promo
    • Mini Gallery
    • Online Application
    • BCA ATM and Branch Locator
    • Reward BCA
    • Direct connection to Halo BCA by phone
  • Info Flazz balance (especially for Android smartphones with NFC or Near Field Communication)
    • Balance Information
    • Information 10 recent transactions
Transaction Fee
  • Internet access fee (GPRS/EDGE/3G/WIFI) will be applied (about 15 kb per transaction for m-BCA users, with fee around IDR 1-10/kb). If accessed using internet/ BIS unlimited package, there will be no additional charge.
  • Specifically for financial transactions, prize coupon, and deposit account information, customers will receive proof of transactions in the Inbox sub menu that can be copied (copy) to be forwarded via email, SMS or other messenger applications.
Proof of Transaction :


  1. On-screen display
  2. Proof of transaction will be stored in sub-menu inbox for financial transactions, coupon number and deposit account information. Copying and forwarding email, text message and messenger services are available.


  • On-screen transaction display and email notification

Pengamanan pada BCA mobile

Access Code PIN
6 digit alphanumeric code 6 digit alphanumeric code
Determined by user Determined by user
m-BCA menu access security Transaction validation security
6 digit alphanumeric code An extra security device that will reveal a different password each time the customer wishes to conduct a financial transaction
Determined by user
KlikBCA access security

Note: Make sure the LED/ indicator on your BCA mobile is green when you are about to do a transaction.

iPhone Blackberry Android

Note: Make sure the LED/ indicator on your BCA mobile is green when you are about to do a transaction.

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