Account Management

With Account Management, easily manage your cash flow between accounts in an automatic and systematic way.

Manage your balance in numerous accounts

Does your company have several accounts and have trouble in managing and organizing them all? We are ready to provide you with assistance in order to ease the cash flow management of your operational accounts in an automatic and systematic way.

Our solution

Automatic Transfer System
Account Sweeping (KlikBCA Business)

Receiving Payments

In order to fulfill your business needs regarding cash flow management when receiving payments, we are ready to become your partner in managing and aiding your business.

BCA understands that the security for regular payments from your numerous buyers/ customers is crucial to make your business run more smoothly.

We offer you solutions:

Auto-debit Through BCA Branches 

Auto-collection Through KlikBCA Bisnis

With BCA services, you can reduce payments in cash from your customers so you do not need to worry about managing and securing cash at your business locations. Buyers/ customers will also be pleased.

We offer you solution :
Merchant (Debit, Cash, Flazz, Credit Card)

Make it easier for your buyers/ customers to make their payments through electronic channel BCA. It will not only reduce the workload of your cashier, but you will also receive a fast and accurate payment report.

We offer you solution:
Payment Gateway

We understand that you need to reconcile your accounts so that you can focus on expanding your business rather than trying to work out who has paid into your checking account.

We offer solution:
BCA Virtual Account

If you are currently developing your online business, you want your customers to order online and pay immediately. Hand this task over to BCA and you can focus on your next business expansion

We offer solution:
BCA KlikPay

We provide ease in accepting payments in foreign currencies from your buyers/ customers with a competitive exchange rate even if it comes from another bank.

We offer solution:
Inward Remittance


Is your cash piling up and you need a fast and secure way to deposit it? We can provide the solution.

We offer solution :
Cash Pick Up
*Additional special service on several locations

We are ready to develop a system that is connected to your system in order to ease communication with your distributors during payments and make it easier for you to create an accurate trade report.

We offer solution:
Business to Business

Third Party Payments

With a Third Party Payment system, we can help with the payment cash flow of your business so it always runs smoothly. Trust BCA with your business.

Payments to suppliers/ third party

We are ready to become your partner in helping you conduct accurate payments on time to your suppliers/ third party in an effective and efficient way.

Our Solution

B2B Pertamina and BCA Branches provide one stop service to order and pay for all Pertamina products.

We offer solutions:

  • B2B Pertamina through KlikBCA Bisnis can be done 365 days a year from all over the world
  • B2B Pertamina through BCA Office Branches provides a one stop service for deposits and purchases and payments of Pertamina products
  • List of branches provide order and payment transaction on Pertamina products could be found in this link

Now you no longer need to waste time controlling and monitoring your staffs and managers when they travelling for business matters in and out of the country.

We offer solution:

BCA Visa Corporate

We provide ease for you in conducting routine operational payments for your company such as: electricity, water, telephone, mobile phone, gas, tax, credit card, and internet.

Our Solution

We have the right solution for your business in order to ease your management of transportation fees for your business.

Our Solution

Fleet Facility

The development of a company is usually followed by additional human resources that can add to the quality and quantity of your operations, especially when it comes to paying their salary.

We provide ease in managing the salary payment system in order to facilitate you in paying the salary of your staff on time in a practical, effective and efficient way.

Our Solution

In order to fulfill your business's need for cash, you can use our cash delivery service to deliver cash to the destination agreed upon so you do not need to worry about security along the way.

We offer solution :

Cash Delivery

special additional services for selected locations

In order to facilitate your business transactions with your business partners overseas, we have prepared a facility that makes it easier for you to conduct payment transactions or transfers in foreign currencies to other banks with a competitive exchange rate.

Our Solution

Development Funds

How do you develop funds and maximize its benefits? Through BCA Development Funds, we are ready to become your trusted business partner in managing your business's funds.

Did you know that the value of your funds will decrease each year because of inflation? In 3 years, your current funds may not have the same buying power it currently has. Protect the long term value of your funds by placing them in Bond Funds and Stock Funds.

We offer solutions:


This is where your funds can develop yet also be available anytime you need it.

Our Solution

Reksadana Pasar Uang

Article Recomendation
During the period of June - September 2017, people who reside in Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Gresik, Mojokerto, Bangkalan, Jombang, Lamongan and Tuban
PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) signed a syndicated loan for the development of power projects initiated by PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN).
Surviving the disruptive economy, people are required to be prepared to face the challenging competition.
Today, the competition among the global market for workforce has become more fierce as labor absorption grow less rapidly than the supply of labor.