Introducing the Product

In this modern and practical era, you need a savings account product that can be easily accessed and offer features that suit your active mobility needs.

We understand that some of the users of Tahapan BCA are business customers who need added features according to the business they own. For businessmen, we businessmen we offer Tahapan Gold.


Tahapan Gold offers various benefits. Aside from being able to enjoy the same ease as Tahapan BCA, Tahapan Gold is designed specifically to fulfill the needs of business customers.

Tahapan Gold benefits :

  • Smaller account book 
    A smaller size that fits your pocket makes it easier to carry the savings account book for Tahapan Gold anywhere.
  • More complete account transaction information
    Other than containing the transaction and balance account information, the Tahapan Gold also contains details of each transaction such as the name of the sender/ receiver, payment information and news.
  • Autoprint Service 
    You can print your own Tahapan Gold account book using the Self Service Passbook Printer (SSPP) machine
  • Info via Text/ e-mail 
    You can obtain actual information regarding your business transactions through text messages or e-Mail. The information you can obtain through this service includes:
    • Balance Information that can be sent to you everyday, every determined day or every determined date according to your needs.
    • Transactions using the Tahapan Gold where you can determine the type and amount of transaction.
  • Appointee Service 
    You can appoint 2 trustworthy people to conduct banking transactions. Come to the branch where you opened your account and bring proof of account ownership and ID (your own and the appointee) and fill in the Appointee Service form and sign the Specimen Card (your own and the appointee's)
  • Automatic Transfer System (ATS) online
    Tahapan Gold is complete with an Automatic Transfer System online, an automatic transfer facility from the Tahapan Gold account to your Giro account so if there are insufficient funds in your Giro account, this can immediately be covered using the funds available in your Tahapan Gold account. Therefore, customers don't need to be concerned about checks being rejected because of lack of funds, ensuring the credibility of the Tahapan Gold customer.
Get the Product

Getting the Tahapan Gold is as easy as opening a regular account. If you want to replace your Tahapan BCA with a Tahapan Gold, you can come to the BCA branch where you opened your account and bring your Tahapan book and ID. In order to obtain the Info via Text/ email, Appointee service and Automatic Transfer System Online, all you need to do is pre-register at the branch where you opened your account.

For Tahapan Gold administration fee information, click here

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