• Remittance BCA

    Easy Foreign Currency Transactions for Importers and Exporters

Introducing the Service

BCA understands that foreign currency transactions require service that is both fast and secure. As foreign currency transactions can be an indicator of the credibility of your business transactions, Remittance BCA is the answer.

Through Remittance BCA, BCA provides a service for foreign currency transfers for parties in or out of the country. This service uses a fast, safe and secure system in order to protect your transactions.

Remittance BCA is supported by more than 2,030 correspondent banks in 100 countries and all BCA branches in Indonesia. The source of funds for a Remittance BCA can be in the form of cash or debit to an account, either in Rupiah or foreign currency, making it as easy as possible for the customer. Remittance BCA also has a low transfer cost and a competitive buy-sell exchange rate.

Remittance BCA fulfills all foreign currency transaction needs in fast, safe and secure manner.

Outward Remittance

BCA understands your transaction needs as an importer in the global market. The stability of foreign currency values can have an effect on business plans. With our BCA Outward Remittance product, foreign currency transactions are created to facilitate importers. Outward Remittance from BCA can be done in any foreign currency.

BCA understands that business transactions for import activities must be trustworthy, reliable and credible. With Outward Remittance, your foreign currency transfers for import processes will be handled quickly, securely and easily.

An OR transaction services serving more than 124 foreign currency (aside of 14 foreign currencies that are currently available). BCA will delivery into USD currency and recipient will receive in local currency in their country. 

Acceptable values correspond to Multicurrency exchange rate that valid at the transactions time.

Delivery and foreign exchange transactions based USD can be only executed into country based currency (eg currency MYR to Malaysia or Thailand THB).

Terms and conditions:

  • The fee is Rp 50.000, - (Telex fee) + $ 20 (Full Amount fee)

A service delivery Japanese Yen currency with certainty cost. Whatever the nominal amount sent will be received intact on third beneficiary bank in Japan to cooperate, namely:

  • The Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Corporation
  • Mizuho Bank Ltd.

Promo Delivery Guaranteed JPY with the exact cost JPY 3,000 effective January, 2017 - December, 2017

Terms and conditions:

  • The fee is Rp 50.000, - (Telex fee) + JPY 3,000 (Full Amount promo fee)

Introducing the Service

In the era of international business, time is everything. Don't let an opportunity get away because of a delay in sending funds. China Today answers those needs.

You Should Know

  • Send today arrive today! The dollars you send today will arrive at the recipient bank on the same day. Use this service for fast and accurate business transactions or other needs. The fund transfer application must be submitted at the bank branch before 12.00 PM West Indonesia time.
  • Obtain transaction freedom because the recipient banks are the seven largest banks in China being: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communications, China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.

Service Terms and Regulations

  • Fund transfer application must be submitted to the bank branch before 12.00 PM WIB
  • Information regarding the designated bank, bank's address, name of the receiver and account number of the receiver must be complete, valid, and accurate
  • Transactions will be made on Chinese and US working days
  • A value today fee will be charged

Introducing the Service
Currency values can fluctuate drastically in days, even seconds. This can harm your international standard business that requires you to transfer foreign currencies, in this case Yuan. You expect stability in the value of the Yuan currency. Yuan Remittance is the answer to your needs.

You Should Know

  • Value of Yuan sent = value of Yuan received.
  • Fund transfers can be sent to all banks around the world
  • Competitive exchange rates & fees

Service Terms and Regulations

  • Sender and recipient must be individual or company
  • All material information such as SWIFT code or recipient bank address must be complete, correct and accurate
  • CNAPS code (China National Advance Payment System) or clearing code of beneficiary bank or city / province in China.
  • Recipient must be a Chinese resident and fulfill all conditions and requirements of the Bank of China
  • For Individual recipient in China, must include kanji letters & local ID numbers or submit a photocopy of ID card recipient (only at BCA Branches).
  • Transactions only performed on Chinese working days
  • Value today and full amount fees will be charged

* For instructions on how to correctly fill out the transfer form and more information regarding Yuan Remittance, please visit your nearest BCA branch

Introducing the Service

BCA understand its customer's transaction needs and is constantly coming up with new innovations. One example is the Guaranteed Euro, designed especially for customers who intend to send funds in Euro to any place in the world. The transferred funds are guaranteed to be for full value with a fee of 30 Euro and telex fee of Rp 50,000.

Using Guaranteed Euro is very simple. The Sender must provide the name of the Receiver, an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) or account number and a correct BIC Code (Swift Code).

BCA guarantees no fee or transfer debits or reductions, irrespective of the amount of funds sent or the designated country.

You Should Know
Terms and Regulations

  • The sender must provide the name of the receiver, International Bank Account Number (IBAN), and the correct BIC Code (Swift Code).
  • The sender must pay the full amount of 30 EUR and telex fee of IDR 50,000

Inward Remittance

We understand the value of currencies is crucial to your business. Service stability and accuracy in managing foreign currencies can reduce your loss risk. Inward Remittance from BCA facilitates all types of foreign transfers sent from abroad to Indonesia.

BCA understands that business transactions between countries require great credibility that is trustworthy from the exporter. With Inward Remittance, the need for foreign currency transactions for exports is handled quickly and accurately. With BCA, your foreign currency transfers as an exporter is reliable.

Introducing the Service

Customer satisfaction is our main priority and so we design products and services around your needs. With Inward Remittance, all forms of foreign transactions are facilitated. Service stability and accuracy from BCA in handling foreign currencies is designed to reduce your loss risk. In order for the foreign currency transaction to run smoothly for the customer, BCA Inward Remittance provides credit options to BCA accounts.

Your daily business activities don't need to disturbed by problems about fund transfers between countries. Standard Inward Remittance with a Credit option to a BCA account means IR funds can be immediately credited to your account.

If you are interested in our Inward Remittance service, please contact your nearest BCA branch.

Introducing the Service

With Inward Remittance, all types of foreign currency transactions are made easier. Service stability and accuracy from BCA in handling foreign currencies will be able to reduce your loss risk as an entrepreneur. To accommodate our customer's needs, BCA Inward Remittance offers the option to credit funds to a customer's account with another bank.

Through this option, BCA can transfer funds quickly and easily from its correspondent bank to recipients in Indonesia to minimize any problems in fund transfers between countries.

Inward Remittance Standard with a Credit option to customer accounts in other banks accommodates the IR funds in order for it to be credited to a customer's account even though it is from a different bank.

If you are interested in this Inward Remittance service, please contact your nearest BCA branch.

Introducing the Service

With Inward Remittance, money transferred to you can be obtained in cash by using a PIN. You can draw the funds sent from overseas through Mitra BCA or an international money transfer operator. The funds can be drawn in all BCA branches and liquidating agents that cooperate with BCA. Doing it is simple, just come to your nearest BCA branch and show your PIN and valid ID.

The terms and conditions for drawing funds sent to you are:

  1. Fill out the withdrawal application form
  2. Show your PIN and valid ID
  3. The name on the application must match the name on the valid ID
  4. Pay IDR 6.000 stamp duty

If you are interested in this Inward Remittance service, please contact your nearest BCA branch.

Incomplete data and information provided by customer and banking system interruption, may cause service inconvenience or payment delay and rejection. Fund transfers may be directed to all countries around the world except sanctioned countries / jurisdictions from relevant authorities.

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