• BCA Visa Corporate

    As a mobile and dynamic businessman, support your activities with flexible and practical banking services

Introducing the Service

As an active and dynamic medium to large scale businessperson, massive cash flow is regular daily occurence. You must cover various large scale expenses involving dozens of people such as business trips and entertaining clients. The administration process of these expenses could definitely be a complicated process. However, the BCA VISA Corporate Credit Card will make everything easier and more flexible for you.

You just need to hand over the BCA VISA Corporate Credit Card with a limit set according to your trusted employee’s needs. With just one swipe of the BCA VISA Corporate Credit Card, all the company’s needs are settled.

With BCA VISA Corporate, you and your employees can enjoy transaction ease and flexibility.


Benefits for Your Company:

Reduce the use of cash
You can replace cash transactions by using the BCA VISA Corporate Credit Card.

Makes it easier to make company expenditure reports

Your individual financial report will immediately appear according to the credit card bill

You will receive a summary report for the company (monthly)

Symbol of the Company?s Legitimacy
Your company?s exclusive logo will be printed on the BCA VISA Corporate Credit Card

Flexible According to your Company?s Needs
You can adjust the credit limit based on the company?s recommendation or needs.

Reporting VISA IntelliLink
An online facility from VISA Intenational enables BCA VISA Corporate Credit Card users to directly access user and transaction information for the BCA VISA Corporate Credit Card.

Benefits for Your Employees:

Your employee can participate in appealing programs with selected merchants.

Reward for Executive Employees
The employees you choose to hold a BCA VISA Corporate Credit Card must be trustworthy executives. This is a reward on its own for the employee.

Travel Insurance
The credit card user will receive travel insurance of up to Rp 600 million for ticket purchases using the BCA VISA Corporate Credit Card.

Accepted Around the World
The BCA VISA Corporate Credit Card can be used in more than 65,000 merchants in Indonesia and millions of merchants across the globe with the Visa logo.

Facilitates Administration Procedures 
The user of the card does not need to do the administration procedures they usually undergo when they use cash for company needs.

You Should Know

The following are the Fees and Charges applied for BCA VISA Corporate Credit Card:

Type of Payment Fee
Annual Fee Rp 250,000 / card
Minimum payment 5% from the billing statement (per card) or min Rp 50,000
Late charges 1% or maximum 100,000/customer
Card replacement Rp 50,000
Retail rate 2 %
Cash Advance rate 2 %
Cash Advance fee 4% or a minimum Rp 40,000
Copy of Invoice Rp 50,000
Foreign Exchange Rate Rp 40,000

With the BCA Visa Corporate Card, you can also get the features listed below:

  • Largest Network
    Supported by over 1,200 BCA branches offices, 17,000 BCA ATM networks, over 400.000 merchants and over 500,000 EDC. Payments for the BCA Credit Card settled using a BCA ATM will not be charged with an administration fee.
  • Autopay BCA
    Summarize all your routine monthly bills starting from electricity, telephone, mobile phone, cable television, insurance, internet, up until your fitness center membership fees into one payment using your BCA Visa Corporate Card. Montly routine payments through Autopay BCA can only be used for personall bills, not corporate bills.
  • Competitive Exchange Rate
    Enjoy a competitive exchange rate when you use the BCA Visa Corporate Card overseas.
Get The Service

You can get an exclusive card for selected companies by just submitting the following documents:

  • Company profile
  • Company Certificate and Certificate Alterations
  • Company Registration Certificate (TDP)
  • Business or Operational License
  • Tax Identification Number (NPWP)
  • Legalization of Company Certificate and approval or alteration approval of the Corporate Charter from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights or any other authorized institution
  • Financia report or company profit/ loss accounts
  • Current account statements for the last three months
  • Application form including your ID (KTP) / passport and KITAS
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Supporting Documents:
  • Autodebet Power of Attorney (If necessary)
  • Credit limit recommendation letter
  • Power of Attorny appointing the PIC (Person In Charge)
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