• BCA Smartcash

    As a reputable businessperson, the freedom to do business transactions means everything to you

Introducing the Service

As a reputable businessperson, the freedom to do business transactions means everything to you. BCA Smartcash card is the key. It is as easy as using a credit card but with large amounts of loan funds available to you to fulfill your business needs.

Benefits you can enjoy:

  • Flexible use and return
  • Free of administration and provision fees
  • Competitive interest rate calculated daily
  • Easy transactions with the largest network

You can enjoy the various benefits BCA Smartcash has to offer to assist your business as follows:

  • Credit facility with No Collateral. In order to won a BCA Smartcash, you are free from collateral.
  • Flexible use and return. You can withdraw cash anytime you need to and transfer funds to your BCA account instantly. The return is a minimum of 10% of the total balance of your new monthly billing statement.
  • Free of Administration and Provision fees. Your BCA Smartcash is free of credit request administration, provision and cash withdrawal fees.
  • Competitive Interest Rate Counted Daily. Enjoy the best offer with a competitive interest rate from BCA Smartcash for your business.
  • The Largest Network Making Your Transactions Easier. Cash advance (cash withdrawal and transfer) transactions in more than 124 main branch offices and more than 6,000 ATM BCA machines, throughout Indonesia. Credit Card transactions in more than 55,000 businesses that have the BCA Card sign.
You Should Know

Enjoy business ease using BCA Smartcash, all you need to do is fulfill the following requirements:

  • You are an Indonesian Citizen (WNI) living in Indonesia.
  • You are at least 21 years of age and maximum 65 years of age.
  • You have a monthly business turnover of at least Rp 30,000,000 with a business that has been running for at least two years.
  • Complete the necessary documents as follows:

    Necessary Documents Entrepreneur Employee
    Photocopy of ID (KTP)/Passport
    Photocopy of Savings / Giro account from the last 3 months
    Photocopy of License
    Photocopy of Certificate of Incorporation/ SIUP, TDP & NPWP
    Photocopy of most current monthly Credit Card Billing Statement (if available)
  • NPWP is mandatory, if the credit limit agreed upon is >= Rp 50 million

You can run your business by only paying the following fees: 

Type of Payment Fee*
Yearly Fee
- Credit Limit Rp. 10 million - Rp. 50 million
- Credit Limit Rp. 50 million - Rp. 100 million

Rp 250,000
Rp 500,000
Overlimit Rp 40,000 per transaction
Invoice Request Rp 30,000
Card Replacement Rp 50,000
Minimum Payment 5% from the total monthly billing or minimum Rp 50,000 **
Late Charges 1% or max. Rp 100,000

* BCA reserves the right to alter the above fees with prior notification through any form or means.

Get The Service

The Smartcash Distributor Financing mechanism is very easy for you to follow. The following is the mechanism:

  • The Retailer orders your product as a distributor
  • You only need to send your retailer transaction data to BCA in order to get confirmation
  • You send the goods to the retailer
  • You will receive payment from BCA
  • The Retailer will own a BCA Smartcash account (virtual account) to guarantee that the transaction is only with you, the distributor
  • The Retailer can do payments to BCA at any time, before or after receiving the billing statement (Credit Card account)
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