Merchant Solution

For information regarding new merchant application, facility upgrade, EDC help, E-Commerce Payment Gateway, and more, please contact 1500788.


  • Facilitate your business transactions with just one EDC BCA machine
  • EDC BCA can process transactions using Debit BCA, Flazz, BCA Card, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, UnionPay, American Express, and Prima Debit


EDC BCA Additional Features

In addition to easing merchant payment transactions, EDC BCA also provides other forms of transactions, such as Cicilan BCA, Cicilan 0% BCA, Reward BCA, AutoPay BCA, and Dynamic Currency Conversation (DCC).

One Payment for All Your Bills

Pay all your routine bills using AutoPay BCA, a facility that offers the ease and convenience of never having to remember your bill numbers, due date, or type of bills. Payment is available for bills, such as electricity, telephone, mobile phone, Internet, insurance, or TV cable.

Fixed Installment Program with Low Interest

Get everything you need and want with Cicilan BCA program that affords your easy and low installments every month. Turn every minimum Rp 500.000 payment into a Cicilan BCA transaction, and take advantage of the competitive interest rates and adjustable tenor according to your needs (3, 6, or 12 months).

Follow these easy steps to turn your transactions into Cicilan BCA:

  • Switch your transaction type at merchants carrying the Cicilan BCA logo
  • Every credit card transaction can be paid in installment by typing Cicilan and sending an SMS to 69888, or by contacting Halo BCA at 1500888 one day after the transaction date

Receive up to 15% Rupiah reward for every transaction using Credit Card BCA anytime, anywhere, including overseas. Exchange your Rupiah reward with items at any shopping merchants carrying Reward BCA logo

Reward BCA Main Benefits

  • No need to fill in forms or provide confirmation (no administration)
  • Feel free to exchange your Rupiah reward with any item available
  • Reward BCA is more profitable
  • Flexible, instant services without having to wait for delivery
  • No time limit or expiration date
Terms and Conditions for Merchant BCA

General terms for Merchant BCA

01 Data Merchant Form (FDM)    
02 Supporting documents    
  Individual Corporation E-Commerce Only
  • Copy of valid identification
  • Copy of NPWP
  • Copy of SIUP
  • Photograph of business location
  • Copy of Deed of Establishment and Deed of Changes
  • Copy of PIC identification
  • Copy of NPWP
  • Copy of SIUP
  • Copy TDP
  • Photograph of business location
  • Required supporting documents for corporation
  • Merchant E-Commerce Evaluation Form
  • E-Commerce Transaction Settlement Agreement

Complete the required documents by downloading the following four Merchant Data Forms. Fill in, initials, and sign each form needed and you can visit the nearest BCA Branch Office.


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