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    For healthy and smooth business, finance management should be supported with best service. Assured your reliance on KlikBCA Business.

Introducing our Service

A healthy business is a business where the finances are managed well. Going back and forth to the bank and waiting in line in order to manage your finances is an inefficient use of your time. KlikBCA Business is the solution to make the management of your business finances easier.

Advantages of KlikBCA Business:

  • A practical way of doing business transactions using your computer wherever you are
  • Your transactions are guaranteed to be secure becausethey utilize the VPN (Virtual Private Network) and KeyBCA
  • Transactions are easy to do because KlikBCA Business is designed specifically to beuser-friendly


With KlikBCA Business, you can do the following activities from your own computer:

KlikBCA Business can provide information regarding your finances,starting from your account balance, bank statement (rekening koran), up to a MT940 report

Account information includes :

  • Balance Information
  • Account Transactions
  • Bank Statement (Rekening Koran)
  • E-Statement
  • Customer Portfolio Report
  • Debit BCA Report
  • Credit Card Report
  • BCA Credit Card Billing Statement
  • Payment Report
  • MT940 Report

With KlikBCA Business, you can do various fund transfers including foreign currencies.

You can transfer funds:

  • Between BCA accounts
  • To BCA Virtual Account
  • To other local banks ( LLG / RTGS )
  • In foreign currencies to other bank accounts ( Outward Remittance )

If you are a Pertamina client, you can order and pay for your Pertamina product transactions.

KlikBCA Business makes it easier for you to do various types of paymentsfrom your telephone bill to your Land and Building Tax (PBB)

You can pay bills for the following:

Telepon Telkom/Speedy
Handphone SmartFren
XL Pasca Bayar
Kartu Kredit BCA
Citibank Visa/Mastercard
Standard Chartered
BNI VISA/Mastercard
Bank Mega Visa
CIMB Niaga
Internet Indosat-M2
Centrin Online
Pajak PBB
Penerimaan Negara
PAM Aetra Air Jakarta
Aetra Air Tangerang
BPJS BPJS Ketenagakerjaan

KlikBCA Business helps you manage your balance

With KlikBCA Business, you can manage the funds in the accounts registered to your KlikBCA Business automatically in order to make withdrawals or maintain the balance of a certain account.

What are the benefits gained by distributors/ agents?

You can transfer the following funds:

  • Payroll
    You can pay your employees payroll into BCA accounts.
  • Auto Collection
    You can transfer from numerous accounts (debit) to one designated account (credit).
  • Auto Credit
    You can transfer from one source account (debit) to several designated/ third party accounts (credit).

Fast multi-transaction ease using KlikBCA Business

You can use this facility to make it easier to identify the source of funds received. ( for more information )

  • Exchange Rate information
  • Interest Rate information
  • Transaction History
  • Transaction Limit Usage
  • Contact BCA (E-mail)
You Should Know

In order to get the advantages from KlikBCA Business, you simply need to do the following:

  • Come to the BCA branch where you opened your account
  • Fill in the KlikBCA Business form
  • Gather and submit the necessary documents

After your request is processed, you will receive a Corporate ID, User ID, KeyBCA, VPN Installer and KlikBCA Business instruction manual. A KeyBCA PIN will be sent separately.This will guarantee security and confidentiality when you conduct your transactions using KlikBCA Business.

WithKlikBCA Business, you can also do foreign currency transfers. You can obtain detailed information regarding foreign currency transfers using KlikBCA Businessby doing the following:

  1. Information that can help you access KlikBCA Businessandcreate/add to the Foreign Currency Transfer List. Learn More
  2. Guide to help you during the process of transferring foreign funds. Learn More
  3. Guide to help you validate the transfer of foreign funds. Learn More
  4. Information that can help you view the status of the foreign funds you sent during a certain time period. Learn More

For your convenience and safety when accessing KlikBCA Bisnis, please download and install VPN Client into your PC or laptop.

You can download the application using the links below:

*) Minimum requirement is Windows XP Service Pack 3

Download BI code (Sandi BI) here

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