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SMS BCA - Terms and Conditions
PT Bank Central Asia Tbk. SMS BCA Terms and Conditions
    1. SMS BCA is banking information service that can be accessed directly by the Customer using a cellular/ mobile phone, using the text message / SMS (Short Message Services) media.
    2. The SMS BCA ACCESS CODE is personal identification number of the Customer to use the SMS BCA facility.
    3. The account is any account owned by Customer in the form of savings, giro, and or individual deposito at BCA.
    4. The BCA Credit Card includes all types of credit cards issued by BCA for Customer.
    5. The ATM BCA Card is an ATM card issued by BCA that can be used by ATM BCA cardholders to perform certain banking transactions using the ATM BCA and or other means determined by BCA.
    6. The Cellular Operator is a company that provides a cellular phone network service.
    7. SMS is a brief message in the form of a text that can be received and or sent using a cellular phone, which can be seen on the screen of the cellular phone.
    8. The Customer is the owner of an individual account in the form of savings, giro, individual deposito, and or BCA Credit Card.
    1. Each Customer who owns an ATM BCA Card has the right to use and obtain the SMS BCA facility.
    2. In order to use the SMS BCA facility, the Customer must own a certain Cellular Operator SIM Card and a SMS BCA ACCESS CODE that the Customer has chosen when registering at an ATM BCA.
    1. The accounts that can be accessed using SMS BCA are all accounts related to the ATM BCA card used to register to SMS BCA.
    2. Through SMS BCA, the Customer can access information regarding:
      • The account connected to the ATM BCA Card used for m-BCA registration
      • Deposito accounts that have the same customer number as the main account for the ATM BCA Card used for SMS BCA registration
      • BCA Credit Card
    3. The Customer who registers his or her BCA Credit Card for the SMS BCA service will automatically be able to access information about his or her BCA Credit Card using the Internet Banking BCA (KlikBCA) and m-BCA service or vice versa.
    4. The Customer can use the SMS BCA facility to obtain banking information that has been determined by BCA, by sending certain instructions correctly and completely to a certain number that has been determined by BCA.
    5. Commands/instructions given by the Customer through SMS BCA can only be done using the cellular phone number registered by the Customer through ATM BCA.
    6. Each instruction from the Customer saved in the BCA data center is valid data that is binding to the Customer, and is legitimate proof of instruction from the Customer to BCA to conduct the commanded instruction, unless the Customer can prove otherwise.
    7. BCA accepts and conducts every instruction submitted by the Customer as the valid instruction based on the use of the mobile phone number and SMS BCA ACCESS CODE. Therefore, BCA is not obligated to examine or investigate the validity or the legitimacy of the mobile phone number and SMS BCA ACCESS CODE or conclude or even prove the accuracy or entirety of the said instructions, thus the stated instructions are valid and legally bound to the Customer, unless the Customer can prove otherwise.
    8. All transactions instructed by Customer to BCA cannot be cancelled.
    9. Customer will receive information in the Inbox of the Customerís mobile phone, for each successful financial transaction done by BCA based on the Customerís instruction, with the following provisions:
      • The message Inbox is not full.
      • There is nothing interfering with the communication network of the Cellular Operator.
    10. BCA will not do the instructions requested by the Customer if the balance in the BCA account is not sufficient enough.
    11. For each transaction that is related to foreign currencies, the exchange rate that will apply will be the TT exchange rate and bank notes that apply at BCA.
    12. Notes, tape/cartridge, computer print outs, copies or other forms of information or data storage at BCA is legitimate proof based on instructions from Customer.
    13. The Customer agrees and acknowledges the validity, truth or authenticity of proofs of transactions and/or communication transmitted electronically by BCA, including documents in the form of a computer document or Bank proof of transaction, tape/cartridge, computer print out, copy or other forms of information storage at BCA and all the tools or documents are the only legitimate proof for the transaction instructed by the Customer using SMS BCA, unless the Customer can prove otherwise.
    14. If there is a difference between the information received by the Customer through SMS BCA with the data that is in BCA, then Customer agrees that the valid data is the one possessed by BCA.
    15. By doing transactions using SMS BCA, Customer acknowledgement of all any communications and instructions from the Customer which is accepted by BCA, will be considered legitimate proof even though there is no written or signed document between the Customer and BCA.
    16. The Customer will approve whenever BCA gives the Customerís account data to another party as long as it is necessary in providing the SMS BCA service.
    17. For each transaction, both successful and unsuccessful ones, the Cellular Operator will charge the Customer with a fee by directly reducing the credit amount (for prepaid) or charging it in the monthly billing statement (for postpaid).

      The applied fee and its changes will be informed to the Customer in any form through any means.
    1. SMS BCA ACCESS CODE is only allowed to be used by the Customer.
    2. The Customer is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the SMS BCA ACCESS CODE by:
      • Not informing anyone concerning SMS BCA ACCESS CODE in order to receive a prize, including family members or those closest to the Customer.
      • Not writing the SMS BCA ACCESS CODE on a table, mobile phone or keeping it in written form or in other means of storage, that allows another person to be informed about it.
      • Be careful when using the SMS BCA ACCESS CODE so others cannot view it.
      • Not using cellular phone number provided by another person.
      • Not using SMS BCA ACCESS CODE that is easy to guess such as date of birth or its combination, telephone number, and others.
    3. All misuse of the SMS BCA ACCESS CODE is the full responsibility of the Customer. The Customer thus relieves the Bank of all charges from other parties or the Customer in relation to the misuse of the SMS BCA ACCESS CODE.
    4. Using the SMS BCA ACCESS CODE has the same legal effect as a written instruction signed by the Customer.
    5. The Customer is permitted to create his or her SMS BCA ACCESS CODE during registration at an ATM BCA.
    6. If the Cellular Operator SIM Card or mobile phone belonging to the Customer is missing/ stolen/ handed over to another, the customer must inform the nearest BCA Branch or call Halo BCA to block/close the SMS BCA service. All instructions based on the use of the mobile phone and SMS BCA ACCESS CODE that have occurred before BCA authorities received any notification from the Customer is solely Customersí full responsibility.
    1. SMS BCA will be blocked if the Customer does the following.
      • Enters the incorrect SMS BCA ACCESS CODE three times in a row.
      • Submits a request to change his or her ATM BCA.
      • Submits a request to block the ATM BCA because it is missing/ stolen.
      • Reports that the SIM Card is missing/stolen/handed over to another person.
    2. If the SMS BCA service is blocked, the Customer must re-register for SMS BCA at an ATM BCA.

    The Customer will relieve BCA from all charges if BCA is unable to completely or partially process instructions from the Customer as a result of events or circumstances that occur beyond the control or ability of BCA, including yet not limited to natural disasters, war, riots, malfunctioning systems, equipments or transmissions, electrical disturbance, telecommunication disturbance, government policy, and incidents or circumstances beyond the control or ability of BCA.
    1. The SMS BCA service will end if the customer submits a request to end the SMS BCA service to BCA because:
      • The Customer has permanently stopped using his or her ATM BCA card or mobile phone number.
      • The Customer changes his or her ATM BCA or mobile phone number.
    2. The SMS BCA service will end if:
      • The Customer closes all Accounts related to the ATM BCA card.
      • The Cellular Operator disconnects the use of the Customerís mobile phone number.
    1. The Customer may contact BCA to deliver complaints about BCA related to the SMS BCA service.
    2. For problems in relation to the SIM Card, the Cellular Operator network, billing statement from the Cellular Operator, and SMS fee, the Customer must contact the Cellular Operator or Provider.
    3. BCA can alter these Terms and Conditions at any time and provide notification to the Customer in any form through any means.
    4. The Customer who uses SMS BCA will comply to the terms and regulations that apply in BCA, and all the terms and conditions that regulate all services, facilities, and transactions that can be done using the ATM BCA card, including all of its alterations, BCA will notify the Customers in any form through any means.

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