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KPR BCA Loan Simulation
Simulation for home ownership and renovation loans.
KPR Simulation
Purpose of loan
House location
Land size (m2)
Building size (m2)
House price (Rp)
Down payment(Rp)
(min. 30% of the price of the home)
Applicant's occupation
Applicant's age (years)
Registered ID Card area
Applicant's bank
Tenor (months)
Effective interest rate
(per year)
,  %
Simulation Results
Loan details
House price (Rp)
Down Payment (Rp)
Principal debt/credit limit (Rp)
Effective Interest Rate (%)
(per year)
Tenor (months)
Monthly Installments (Rp)
First installment details
Down Payment (Rp)
Provision (Rp)
Administration (Rp)
  • Effective from: 09 September 2014
  • Terms and conditions apply.
Terms and Conditions
  • After fixed interest rate scheme has concluded, the applicable rate is the floating rate, which will be reviewed every 6 months
  • Details of loans above are for simulation/cost estimation only
  • Roya* certificate fee is Rp 750,000 for a house in Jakarta area. Fees may vary for houses located outside Jakarta. Any applicable fees will be readjusted based on location (applies specifically for mortgage certificate guaranteed by other banks).
  • Addendum to solicitation and contract (Addenum PK) fee is Rp 350,000 (applies specifically to migration of loan schemes that affects the lending rate, or for extension/shortening loan maturity. Otherwise, addenum PK fee shall follow the bill from the notary).
  • Cost for upgrading right-to-use property certificate (SHGB) to right-to-own property certificate (SHM) is ranged from Rp 750,000 to Rp 2,500,000 (applies specifically for houses with land size of up to 200 sqm)
  • Appraisal fee for a property unit of more than 20,000 sqm shall follow the invoice from appraiser
  • Appraisal fee is only the lowest estimation fee that applies
*Roya is a procedure to write-off entry load mortgage on land right certificates at the land affair office
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