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Tahapan Xpresi - Saving - Individual - bca.co.id
Tahapan Xpresi
Tahapan Xpresi
So The Young Generation Can Become More Expressive, Creative, Dynamic and Popular


Tahapan Xpresi is a savings account for you which young at the heart.

Tahapan Xpresi is practical because KlikBCA or m-BCA is used instead of a savings book. To check your balance or account transactions you can use the BCA e-Banking facility. You can also choose the Paspor Xpresi card that suits your own personal style.

Main Advantages
  • Integrated with the Xpresi Community
  • Low initial deposit
  • Specially designed Paspor Xpresi card
    that suits your style
  • More practical without a savings book
  • Easy cash withdrawal, easy shopping
  • Obtain the KlikBCA and or m-BCA facility immediately
  • Easy savings and prizes through Gebyar Tahapan BCA and e-Banking Rewards
  • More practical e-Commerce payments

The younger generation is different and BCA understands the needs for stylish banking. Tahapan Xpresi provides activities so you can remain popular.

  • Tahapan Xpresi Community is an online forum at facebook.com/XpresiBCA and @XpresiBCA. Online conversations can be done between BCA and fans or followers, or among followers. Decent dialogues will create a strong community.
  • Low initial deposit for Tahapan Xpresi, at only Rp 50,000
  • More practical, without a savings book, all you need is e-Banking BCA to check your balance, account transactions or to do transactions.
  • Paspor Xpresi Card that is stylish with a trendy design. At certain BCA branches, the design of the card can include your picture. It has the same function as a Paspor BCA: it includes Debit BCA and Tunai BCA.
  • Paspor Xpresi Card is advanced - immediately get the KlikBCA and m-BCA facility. You can then use e-Banking BCA facilities such as: BCA Mobile, SMS Top Up or SMS BCA.
  • Don?t forget to use the Paspor Xpresi at merchants that have the Debit BCA logo. Aside from an easy payment system, it can also be used to withdraw cash at thousands of ATM BCA, merchants with the Tunai BCA logo, ATM Prima, and Cirrus ATM networks around the world.
  • Playing online games, Kaskus Buy-Sell forums and e-Commerce such as blibli.com have already become a part of your daily life. All of this can be done using the KlikBCA.com internet banking facility. e-Commerce payments are also more practical. You can purchase credits and Blitz tickets so you can be more popular.
  • The more you save, the larger your chance is at participating and winning Gebyar Tahapan BCA prizes.

  *) Currently available in selected BCA branches

The facilities are the same as Tahapan for adults, but the fees are adjusted.

Description Amount
Minimum Balance Rp 10,000
Card fee Rp 25,000
Monthly Administration fee Rp 5,000
Account Closing Fee Rp 5,000
* Updated on April 08 2013

The card limit is the same as Paspor BCA Silver

Description Amount
Cash Withdrawal Rp 7,000,000
Transfer between BCA accounts Rp 15,000,000

Just come to your nearest BCA branch and get your own dynamic savings card.

  1. Not limit of age
  2. Fill out the form for opening a savings account and complete the necessary documents.
  3. Bring NPWP (<17 years old using their parents NPWP) or fill out the form statements without NPWP
  4. Initial deposit is Rp 75,000, and minimum deposits are Rp. 50,000
  5. For individual customers only, it cannot be used as a joint account

Age Group

Necessary Documents for Opening an Account

>17 yrs

  • Photocopy of ID (KTP)
  • Photocopy of NPWP

12-17 yrs

  • Photocopy of Student ID *
  • Child Photograph sized 3x4 cm
  • Photocopy of ID (KTP) of one parent
  • Bring Parent's NPWP or fill out the form statements without NPWP. Download form in here.
  • Letter of Agreement from the Parent for Opening an Account
  • Individual Customer Data Form (for elderly data**) Download form in here.

<12 yrs

  • Opening accounts by parents (with the trustee account)
  • Photocopy of ID (KTP) of the Parent
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate/ Family Card
  • Photocopy of parent NPWP
*If you do not have a Student ID, then follow the regulations for opening an account aged below 12 years old.
**If parents do not have an account at BCA.

For more information, please call your nearest BCA branch, Halo BCA at 500888 or 021-500888 from your mobile phone, or e-mail us at: halobca@bca.co.id.

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