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KPR Refinancing - Loans - Individual - bca.co.id
KPR Refinancing
KPR Refinancing
Mortgage Your Land/Home,
Get Cash In Hand

An active lifestyle creates needs that vary over time. Do you need quick access to funds to fulfill your various personal needs? KPR BCA Refinancing may be the solution for you.

With KPR BCA Refinancing, mortgaging your land or home can solve the problem of personal funding. This easy, practical and secure service makes KPR BCA Refinancing a reliable solution for you.

Main Advantages
  • Low and stable interest rates and small installments
  • Simple terms
  • No penalty (except for the Fix & Cap programs, KPR programs)

Whatever your needs, from funding for health, education, a wedding or vacation plans, get the funding solution through KPR BCA Refinancing.

  • KPR BCA Refinancing offers Low and stable interest rates with small installments, making sure you can fulfill all your needs.
  • Simple terms to follow which will be processed from the time the candidate debtor applies until the loan is approved.
  • No penalty for KPR BCA Refinancing (except for the Fix & Cap programs, KPR programs) for early partial or full settlement of the loan.

One simple step with simple terms in order to get the funding you need.

Condition Terms & conditions
Applicant Indonesian Citizen aged at least 21 years/married, permanent employee, entrepreneur, or professional.
Employment/ Entrepreneurship Duration
  • Employee, Employment Duration: At least 1 year at the last company or a total working experience of 2 years.
  • Entrepreneur and Professional, Entrepreneurship/ Professional Duration: At least 2 years.
Maximum age for when loan ends Employees: 55 years, entrepreneurs/ professionals: 60 years
Installment Amount Installments (main + interest) for the whole loan (at BCA + other banks) + new request, maximum 1/3 of the gross salary of the applicant/joint salary of husband-wife
Insurance The applicant is required to close their insurance (life and fire) with a banker's clause term
Agreement Willing to sign a loan agreement and a Deed of Granting Mortgage Rights (APHT))
Payment Installments through auto debit from the Applicant's account at BCA

Would you like to apply for KPR Refinancing? Download the following KPR Refinancing application form.

Or You can using Online Application in there*.

*) Presently valid at KCU Jabodetabek, Surabaya dan Bandung only

For more information, please call your nearest BCA branch, Halo BCA at 500888 or 021-500888 from your mobile phone, or e-mail us at: halobca@bca.co.id.

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