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Provisa Max
Provisa Max
Planned Investment, Maximum
Protection, Optimum Investment
  • The future well-being of your family depends on what you do today. Provisa Max is here to provide a solution for your financial planning that gives you protections plus additional funds in the future.

    By choosing Provisa Max, you get several benefits from the one decision, life insurance and a flexible long term investment according to your current and future needs.

    Main Benefits

    • Optimal development and a more controlled investment risk with periodic premium payments
    • Various investment options according to the risk profile
    • Quick and low acquisition fee with a Loyalty Bonus of 25% at each of the 10th and 11th years of the policy.


    Premium Payment Method Minimum Basic Premium
    Yearly Rp 7,800,000 / year
    Monthly Rp 650,000 / month
  • By combining life insurance and a long term investment, Provisa Max has various extra benefits for you and your family.


    • Maximum investment growth, because 50% of the first year’s premium and thereafter 100% from the second year premium onwards is immediately invested.
    • Opportunity to obtain a Loyalty Bonus of 25% from the Basic Yearly Premium at the 10th and 11th Premium Year.
    • The type of investment is adjusted according to your risk profile.
    • The Insured Amount option is 5 or 8 times the basic yearly premium.
    • Aside from life insurance, there are Rider options to maximize your protection.

    Provisa Max offers 2 types of benefits you can obtain simultaneously:

    Life Insurance Benefits

    1. The benefits of Life Insurance is valid up to 80 years of age as much as 100% of the Insured Amount
    2. Maximum benefits up to 200% of the Insured Amount if there is a risk of death as a result of an accident up to the age of 70 years old.
    3. Maximum benefits as much as 300% of the Insured Amount if there is a risk of death as a result of an accident from public transportation.

    * Complete terms and conditions is included in the policy

    Investment Benefits

    You or your beneficiary will be entitled to receive an accumulation of your investment.

    Illustration of Benefits

    The growth assumption of Investment Benefits above is just an illustration and not a guarantee. The level of investment and growth of Investment Funds can be higher or lower. The Investment Benefit value could be larger or smaller than the invested funds.

    The growth of investments depends on the Unit Value (NAV).

    Investment Options

    1. Plan A : 100% IDR Equity Fund
    2. Plan B : 50%
    IDR Equity Fund dan
    IDR Fixed Income Fund
    3. Plan C : 100% IDR Fixed Income Fund
    4. Plan D : 100% USD Fixed Income Fund
    5. Plan E1 : 100% IDR Money Market Fund
    6. Plan S : 100% Berkah Fund

    Investment Risk

    Investing in unit link products includes risks, including but not limited to political risks, government regulation alteration risks or other regulations, interest rate alterations risks, liquidity risks, equity value risks, and foreign exchange value risks, that could effect the performance of the investment both directly or indirectly.

    All risks related to the type of investment chosen is the sole responsibility of the individual.

  • Fees:
    Type of Fee Description
    Acquisition Fee - First Year: 50% Basic Premium
    - Second Year and after : 0% Basic Premium
    Top-Up Fee 3% from Top-Up Premium
    Investment Management Fee Maximum 2.5% per year of the investment portfolio
    Insurance Fee Amount based on age and Insured Amount as much as 0.23 - 8.24 per 1000 Insured Amount per month
    Administration Fee Determined by the applied regulation
    Maintenance Fee Determined by the applied regulation
    Cash Withdrawal Fee Will be applied if the Policy is cancelled or cashed out during a certain Policy year. Top-Up cash withdrawal will not be charged with a fee.
    * Update per January 26 2012
  • Our commitment to our customers is that obtaining the product is as easy as possible. The Provisa Max service can be obtained by following a few simple steps. Just come to your nearest BCA branch and fulfill the following requirements.

    Terms & conditions Insured Client Insured
    Age when applying for the policy Minimum 18 years 1 month - 65 years
    Necessary Documents Photocopy of valid ID (ID / Driver's License / Passport)

    Photocopy of Family Card/ Birth Certificate (if necessary)
  • Question Answer
    In what form will the Loyalty Bonus be given? Loyalty Bonus will be credited directly to your investment funds in the form of investment units.
    Can the type of investment be altered in the future? You can change your type of investment a maximum of 4 times in 1 year.
    What Riders are available? Additional Insurance / Riders available include :
    • Inpatient insurance
    • Critical illness insurance
    • No premium if there is a risk of permanent total disability
    Can you alter the payment method from monthly to yearly or vice versa? Yes, during the anniversary of your Policy by filling out a Form of Change.


  • This insurance product is a product owned by PT AIA Financial and is neither a product nor the responsibility of PT BANK CENTRAL ASIA Tbk ("BCA"). BCA is only a party that refers or recommends PT AIA FINANCIAL as an insurance product. This product is not guaranteed by BCA and is not included in the guarantee program included in the regulations regarding loan institutions.
  • BCA is not responsible for all information and materials included in the brochure for this insurance in addition to the alterations or other documents officially approved or applied by PT AIA FINANCIAL.

For further information, please contact:

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