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m-BCA - e-Banking - Individual-bca.co.id
The Nearest ATM Machine
Is Your Mobile Phone

It’s time for banking to accommodate a busy lifestyleóand with m-BCA, that is exactly what we are doing. Bank conveniently with m-BCA non-cash transaction facilities from wherever you are. It’s simple, practical and safe. It’s banking made easy.

  • Conduct transactions anytime, anywhere
  • Advanced protection system
  • User-friendly


Take advantage of m-BCA convenient and reliable banking experience

  • Conduct transactions anytime, anywhere
    As long as your have your mobile phone with you, you can conduct any non-cash financial transaction anytime 24/7
  • Advanced protection system
    On top of using PIN authorization and registered phone number, each transaction is encrypted to ensure its security
  • User-friendly
    Navigating through the menu is straightforward and easy. For repeat transactions, go to your personalized transfer listóno more memorizing numbers and codes.

Available transactions on m-BCA

No. Category Service
1. m-Info
  • Balance,
  • Account Mutation,
  • Foreign Exchange,
  • Savings/ Rp deposit/ foreign currency deposit interest rates,
  • Bank codes (to know the transfer codes between BCA and other banks),
  • Bank codes (to know the transfer codes between BCA and other banks),
  • Company codes (used for m-Payment and m-Commerce),
  • Gebyar Tahapan BCA coupon number
  • NAV and Mutual Funds
  • BCA credit card balance and transaction information*
  • Information of Customer Fund Account (Balance & Account Transfer Information)
2. m-Transfer
  • Transfer to BCA Account,
  • Transfer to other bank accounts
3. m-Payment Credit card, PLN (electricity), PAM (water), mobile phone, telephone, insurance, education, and other payments
4. m-Commerce Top Up, Blitz card, stocks, and others
5. m-Admin Activation, PIN alteration


FEATURES Silver Passport Gold Passport/ Tapres Platinum Passport BCA Dollar
Transfer between BCA accounts 25 Million 50 Million 100 Million ~ 25 Million
Transfer to other bank accounts 10 Million 15 Million 25 Million n/a

- The Limit is combined with the transfer limit at an ATM BCA machine.
- Update February 1, 2016

Credit Refill (Top Up) Limit

Maximum Rp. 1,100,000 per day. This limit is the combination of topping up using other e-channels such as BCA ATM, KlikBCA, SMS BCA, SMS Top Up, and BCA by Phone.

Payment Limit

According to the amount stated on the bill



DESCRIPTION Indosat & XL Kartu Halo simPATI
Non Financial Transaction 500 750 900
Financial Transaction 1000 1500 1950

Note :

Non Financial Transaction:
  • m-Info ( Balance, Account Mutation, Foreign Exchange rate)
  • m-Admin (Activation, PIN alteration, etc)

Financial Transaction:

  • m-Transfer (Transfer between BCA accounts and other banks)
  • m-Commerce (Top up, stocks)
  • m-Payment ( Credit Card, Mobile Phone, Telkom, Insurance, Education, etc)

Fees above are not withdrawn automatically from customer’s account. Fees are debited from customer’s mobile phone minutes or credited to monthly mobile phone bill.

Proof of Transaction:

Customer will receive proof of transaction for each transaction.

Type of Transaction Proof of Transaction
Financial (such as : transfer, payment, commerce) A text message will appear on your screen and information will be stored in your inbox
Non financial
  • Balance, account mutation, foreign exchange rate, savings / Rupiah deposit / foreign currency deposit interest rates, PIN alteration, activation?
  • Bank codes (transfer between banks) and company codes (used for m- Payment and m-Commerce), Gebyar Tahapan BCA coupon number
  • A text message will appear on your screen
  • Information will be stored in your inbox

      • Learn the function of each key on your mobile phone keypad by reading your mobile phone instruction manual

      • Before conducting a transaction using your mobile phone, make sure your message inbox is not full

      • The PIN used for initial m-BCA access is the PIN you selected during registration at BCA ATM. If you register at a branch office, your m-BCA PIN is your BCA ATM Card PIN.

      • m-BCA will be automatically blocked after password is incorrectly entered 3 (three) consecutive times

      • Do not disclose your m-BCA PIN to anyone

      • Do not store your m-BCA PIN in your mobile phone or other storage devices accessible to others

      • If you own more than 1 (one) account associated with rhe Kartu ATM BCA used for m-BCA registration, all accounts will be automatically connected to m-BCA. For each m-BCA transaction, you will be requested to choose an account.

      • A BCA ATM Card can be connected to ten mobile numbers from one or multiple operators

      • Mobile activation will activate m-Info, and m-Admin services. To activate m-Transfer, m-Payment and m-Commerce service, Customer must go to the nearest BCA office branch to activate the PIN. Customer will be required to fill out a request form and submit it to BCA CSO. Make sure the mobile number you registered is your own mobile phone.

      • For financial transactions (Transfer / Payment/ Commerce), enter the transfer / payment / commerce amount and the account / customer / credit card/telephone/mobile phone number without any space in between or punctuation marks (dash, period, or others).

      • For each financial transaction, you will receive a confirmation message containing transaction data. Make sure the transaction data is correct before continuing your transaction.

      • For each transaction using m-BCA, wait a few moments until you receive a response regarding the transaction. If you do not receive a response for transaction completion, make sure the transaction is processed by checking your account balance

      • For each financial transaction, you will receive a transaction message on whether or not your transaction was successful. For successful transactions, any message received will automatically be kept in your inbox (if your inbox is not full).

      • Immediately inform BCA if your SIM Card is missing/ stolen/ or used by others

m-BCA facilities are available for customer who fulfill the following conditions:

  • Owner of BCA Passport card
  • A GSM (XL, Indosat, Telkomsel) customer with an m-BCA equipped SIM card

Get m-BCA for your mobile phone today.

Getting an m-BCA SIM card

  • XL
    m-BCA XL SIM card available at XL Center
  • Indosat
    m-BCA Mentari/ Matrix/ IM3 SIM card available at GALERI Indosat
  • Telkomsel
    m-BCA KartuHALO or simPATI SIM card available at GraPARI
      • Mobile activation is only available for m-BCA and m-Admin transactions.

        Accessing m-BCA

        • For XL users (Xplor/bebas) this service is included in Life In Hand (LIH)/Data Services/XL Life menu
        • For INDOSAT users (Matrix/mentari/IM3), this service is included in the Satelindo@ccess atau M3 Access Menu
        • For TELKOMSEL users (kartoHALO/simPATI), this service is included in the T-Sel Menu

        Mobile Activation

        • Choose “m-BCA” menu on your mobile phone, click OK/YES
        • Choose “m-Admin”, click OK/YES
        • Choose “Aktivasi”, click OK/YES
        • Enter OK/YES to agree with the Terms and Conditions
        • Enter the BCA ATM Card number used to register for m-BCA, click OK/YES
        • Enter your m-BCA PIN, click OK/YES

        After a few moments, you will receive a message on your mobile screen welcoming to m-BCA.

      • PIN Activation for m-Transfer, m-Payment and m-Commerce is only available at BCA branch office.

        Pin Activation
        Customer is required to provide the following documents to BCA branch office for PIN activation:

        • ATM/Tapres/BCA Dollar card associated with m-BCA facility
        • Valid identification (ID or Driver’s License)
        • BCA Passport or BCA Dollar card associated with m-BCA facility

        Customer must also have registered and activated non-financial m-BCA features on your mobile phone.

        m-BCA transfer facility will be available on the same day as PIN activation.

Enjoy easy banking transactions with m-BCA innovative services. We provide guides to help you navigate through the system.

Learn m-BCA Service Features

Get complete information on m-BCA features

Conducting transactions with m-BCA

The complete guide to conducting m-BCA transactions, such as transfer, mutation, payments and others

List of Company Codes

Complete list of company codes for m-Transfer, m-Payment and m-Commerce transactions

Terms & Conditions

Learn what you need to know about using m-BCA services and features

m-BCA SIM Card

Find out what you need to get m-BCA on your mobile phone, including mobile-banking ready SIM cards and where the get them

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