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KlikBCA - e-Banking - Individual - bca.co.id
You Determine Where And When You Want
To Complete Your Banking Transactions

Accommodate your highly mobile life with practical banking. No more lines and rushes—just a simple click and your transactions are underway, secure and reliable as always. Now that’s banking made easy.

Main benefits
  • Safe and protected transaction
  • Multiple transactions available
  • Practical banking
  • Available through smartphones


  • Security and Confidentiality
    All transactions are secured with KeyBCA, a device that provides you with different numeric codes for each transaction to ensure your data remain protected and private.
  • Practical Transactions
    Conduct all your non-cash transactions from wherever you are, anytime you want
  • Multiple Transactions Available
    Except for cash-withdrawals, you practically hold an ATM machine in your hands at all times. Have your purchases, payments, e-Commerce payments, money transfer transactions, account and admin information, as well as your transfer history a simple click away.
  • Available Through Smartphones
    KlikBCA app is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, like its ATM counterpart. As long as you have internet on your desktop or mobile device, you’re set to bank.

Registering and obtaining your User ID and PIN are free of charge. Once you get started, you can immediately enjoy the freedom of internet banking—up to Rp 100 million daily!

Register from a BCA ATM or the nearest branch to get the KeyBCA. Simply bring valid identification and proof you own a BCA account, and you’re good to go!

The following are information regarding PT Bank Central Asia Tbk. (“BCA”) Internet Banking (“IB”) rules and regulations.

    • BCA Internet banking facilities are available for customers with BCA account(s) (“Customer”) and BCA card valid for transactions (“BCA ATM Card”)
      Customer will be provided with an IB user identification (“User ID”) and BCA IB personal identification number (“PIN”) upon registration at BCA ATM
      Counter registration is also available at all BCA branch offices. Upon registration, User ID will be sent by email. Initial PIN will be the six digit numeric code used for BCA ATM Card.
    • KeyBCA is required to conduct IB transactions
      Data must be entered correctly for each transactions
      Customer will be able to confirm or cancel data input prior to submitting for each financial transaction
      In addition to entering User ID and PIN, Customer is required to enter the secure numeric code generated by KeyBCA as confirmation
      By clicking “Submit”, Customer acknowledges that all data input are correct and accepted as proof of instruction for BCA to conduct the transaction, unless proven otherwise
      BCA will conduct every transaction submitted by Customer using the valid User ID, PIN and KeyBCA code, and is therefore under no obligation to further investigate or examine the validity of User ID, PIN and KeyBCA, or the accuracy and entirety of said instructions. Instructions are valid and bound to Customer, unless proven otherwise.
      For immediate transactions, Customer cannot cancel any or all transactions authorized using KeyBCA after data has been submitted
      For periodic transactions or transactions occurring the next day, cancellation using KeyBCA is available at least 1(one) day before effective date of transaction
      For periodic transactions or transactions occurring the next day, instructions will be processed every morning. Where the expiration date is the same as date as periodic transaction, instructions will not be processed on the date.
      For money transfers from other local bank is scheduled during a bank holiday, transaction will be processed the next working day
      For each completed instruction, Customer will receive transaction reference number as proof from BCA
      Customer is obligated to ensure sufficient funds are available before BCA conducts transaction instructions
      BCA has the right to refuse instructions should account balance proves insufficient to conduct the transaction
      Customer is obligated to ensure the accuracy of data and entirety of instructions. BCA cannot be held liable for deficiency, unclear data or incorrect instructions from the Customer
    • Any proof of financial transaction instruction recorded by BCA, including but not limited to notes, tape/cartridge, computer print outs or electronic communication is considered legitimate proof, unless proven otherwise
      Customer agrees all communication and instructions sent by Customer and received by BCA are legitimate proof, although no written documents were created or signed
    • Foreign currency exchange values, interest rates and other currency exchange values including (but not limited to) stock quotes provided by IB BCA are only indications of real currency exchange values, quotes or information which BCA can alter from time to time without prior notice.
    • 1. Customer is required to log out after using BCA IB and leaving the terminal
      2. Customer is required to secure their User ID and PIN through the following steps:
      Customer is not permitted to disclose information regarding their User ID and/or PIN to win prizes or any other intentions involving his or her family or friends, except to conduct transactions that may require the assistance of others, therefore necessitating disclosure of User ID and PIN, for example for item purchases or online payments
      Customer is not permitted to write his or her User ID and/or PIN on any surface or medium, such as keeping it in written form, posting it on a computer application or any other means of storage that enables others to view it
      User ID and PIN must be used hidden from others’ view
      Customer is not permitted to use IB PIN created by others, or use one that includes personal information, such as any combination of his or her date of birth, telephone number or other identifying numbers
      Customer is required to use his or her personal computer when accessing BCA IB. Do not use a computer accessible to others or public computers
      3. User ID provided by BCA is permanent and cannot be changed, except if account is closed
      4. Customer can create his or her PIN during registration at a BCA ATM.
      5. In the event that Customer forgot his or her User ID and/or PIN, inquiry is available through BCA ATM registration facility
      6. Customer is fully responsible for all transaction instructions received from his or her User ID, PIN and KeyBCA, unless proven otherwise
      7. BCA has the right to provide a User ID with any combination of letters and numbers without requesting approval from the Customer
      8. Customer must immediately report any unintended disclosure of his or her User ID and PIN to BCA. Any transactions taking place prior to BCA authorities receiving a written report regarding the matter are solely the responsibility of the Customer
      9. Upon receiving replacement BCA ATM Card for previously lost or damaged card, Customer can immediately log in using previous User ID. Logging in using the new BCA ATM Card will prompt the Customer to enter a new IB PIN.
    • Financial transaction limits:

      Description Amount
      Transfer from IDR to IDR Rp 100 million per day per User ID
      Transfer from IDR to Foreign Currency Equivalent to Rp 15 million per day per User ID (within the Rp 100 million limit)
      Transfer from Foreign Currency to IDR Equivalent to Rp 100 million per day per User ID
      Transfer from Foreign Currency to Same Foreign Currency Equivalent to Rp 100 million per day per User IDD
      Payment According to billing statement
      Top Up Rp 1.1 million per day per User ID (including VAT). This limit is a combination of topping up using ATM/ Mobile Banking/ Top Up via Text Message
    • Transaction limits above are separate from BCA ATM Card limit used to register for BCA IB at BCA ATM
      BCA has the right to alter the limit of each transaction
      Transfer limit to domestic account from Customer with an unregistered phone number (Indonesian number only) is limited to Rp 25,000,000 per transaction. Daily limit of 100,000,000 applies.
      Transfer limit to domestic account via LLG is minimum Rp 10,000 and maximum Rp 100,000,000 per transaction
      Latest LLG local transfer service is 15.30 WIB
      Mobile phone registration (Indonesian number only) is available at BCA ATMs and branch office
    • 1. The Email address used to register by Customer will be assigned by BCA as main communication channel for sending transaction information conducted through BCA IB
      2. Information will be delivered to an Email address that has been verified by the Customer. BCA is not responsible for Email verification process.
      3. BCA does not guarantee the security of content sent through an unregistered BCA IB Email, that is not in a secure format previously approved or determined by BCA
    • 1. BCA has the right to debit monthly administration and transaction charges from BCA IB usage and transactions.
      2. BCA has the right to alter, add or withdraw expenses from Customer for BCA IB usage if deemed necessary
      3. The Customer agrees give full authority to BCA to debit his or her account for any transaction instructions conducted using BCA IB as well as any applicable monthly administration and transaction fees
      4. This authority will expire if the Customer has fulfilled all of his or her obligations to BCA
    • 1. Customer’s User ID and PIN will be blocked in the event of:
      Incorrect PIN input for 3 consecutive times during log in
      Incorrect KeyBCA code input for 3 consecutive times during financial transactions.
      A request for a new BCA ATM Card has been submitted or card is reported missing
      Customer files a report of unsecure User ID and/or PIN due to disclosure
      BCA investigation shows User ID and/or PIN is unsecure due to disclosure
      2. In the event that User ID and PIN has been blocked, Customer must immediately contact Halo BCA and reregister at a BCA ATM.
    • Customer will relieve BCA of all charges should BCA is unable to completely or partially process instructions from the Customer as a result of events or circumstances that occur beyond the control or ability of BCA, including, but not limited to, natural disasters, war, riots, malfunctioning systems, equipments or transmissions, electrical disturbance, telecommunication disturbance, government policy, and incidents or circumstances beyond the control or ability of BCA.
    • BCA IB service will be terminated should Customer terminates the use of his or her BCA ATM Card or closes all accounts in relation to his or her BCA ATM Card.
    • Customer is required to comply to the binding regulations designed by BCA in regards to KeyBCA, including all of its alterations in any form communicated by BCA to the customer by any means.

ATM Card Blocking Features at KlikBCA Individual
There is an addition to Administration KBI menu, "ATM Card Blocking" which you can follow these step:

  • Login KBI
  • Select the administration
  • Select ATM Card Blocking
  • Customer will be asked to enter date of birth to verify data security
  • Will display the card data connected with KBI
  • Customer agrees to blocking
  • Select Button Submit
  • Notifications ATM card successfully blocking

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