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You Determine Where And When You Want
To Complete Your Banking Transactions

In these extremely busy and demanding times, ease and practicality is essential. KlikBCA is an electronic banking product that offers you transaction ease. Banking access is just a click away using the internet on your computer or smart phone.

You do not need to worry about security because transactions using KlikBCA are protected in many ways. Find comfort and security in each or your transactions with KlikBCA, anytime, anywhere.

Main Advantages
  • Safe, protected in many ways
  • Can do several transactions, like an ATM fmachine
  • Practical transactions
  • Can be done using a smart phone

With KlicBCA you can do several things from the one place.

  • Get data security and confidentiality with KlikBCA. The KlikBCA service is now even more protected because it comes with KeyBCA. This device reveals a password that changes each time you make a financial transaction. So Your safety is guaranteed.
  • Enjoy practical transactions because you no longer need to go to the bank or ATM (except if you need cash). You can do your transactions anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anyplace you want.
  • Banking transactions made easy because all you need is the internet on your home or office computer, or a smart phone.
  • The KlikBCA is designed similar to the ATM BCA so it is easy to use. No special skills necessary so anyone can use it.
  • It is as if you own your own ATM machine, you can use KlikBCA like an ATM and do various transactions (except for cash withdrawals): Purchases, payments, e-Commerce payments, transfers, account information, transaction history, administration and other information.

There are no fees for internet registration and obtaining a User ID and Internet Banking PIN. Once you are able to do transactions using KlikBCA, you can transfer the funds in your BCA account up to Rp 100 million per day.

Registration is simple. Just register from an ATM BCA or go to your BCA branch to get a KeyBCA that will be used for financial transactions. All you need to do is go to your nearest BCA branch and bring proof that you own a savings account and your identification.

PT. BANK CENTRAL ASIA Tbk. (“BCA”) Internet Banking (“IB”) rules and regulations.

    • Every customer who has a savings account in BCA (“the Customer”) and has a card that can be used for banking transactions at the ATM BCA (“Kartu ATM BCA”) has the right to enjoy the Internet Banking BCA (“IB BCA”) facility.
      In order to use the IB BCA facility, the Customer must have an IB BCA user identification (“User ID”) and IB BCA personal identification number (“PIN”) obtained when the customer registers at the ATM BCA machine.
      The customer can also register for the IB BCA facility at the Customer Service counter in BCA branches. When the Customer registers for the IB BCA at the Customer Service counter in BCA branches, the User ID will be sent to the e-mail address recorded during registration and the first PIN received will be the PIN for the Kartu ATM BCA.
    • In order to do financial transactions using IB BCA, the BCA Customer must have a KeyBCA
      The Customer must complete all the data needed for each transaction correctly.
      For each financial transaction, the system will always confirm the data entered by the Customer and the Customer has a chance to cancel the data by clicking on ‘Cancel’ or ‘Batal’.
      Aside from entering the User ID and PIN, the Customer is obligated to also input the number generated by the KeyBCA as a confirmation that the Customer agrees with the financial transaction instruction.
      By clicking ‘Submit’ or ‘Kirim’ the Customer confirms that each piece of information recorded in the BCA data center is the correct data and accepted as proof of the Customer’s instructions to BCA in order to conduct the transaction intended, except if the Customer can prove otherwise.
      BCA accepts and conducts every instruction submitted by the Customer as the valid instruction based on the use of the User ID, PIN and KeyBCA. Therefore, BCA is not obligated to examine or investigate the validity or the legitimacy of the user of the User ID, PIN and KeyBCA or conclude or even prove the accuracy or entirety of the said instructions, thus the said instructions are valid and bound to the Customer, unless the Customer can prove otherwise.
      For transactions effective today, the Customer cannot cancel all transactions authorized by the Customer using the KeyBCA after the “Kirim” or “Submit” confirmation has been sent by the Customer, because BCA immediately processes the instructions.
      For transactions scheduled for the next day or periodic transactions, the Customer is still able to cancel that transaction by authorizing a cancellation using KeyBCA at the latest 1 (one) day before the effective date of transaction.
      For transactions scheduled for the next day or periodic transactions, the transactions will be processed every morning. For periodic transactions, if the expiration date is the same as the date where the periodic transaction is scheduled to be, then the transaction will not be processed on that date.
      To transfer money into an account from another local bank, if the effective transaction date is during a bank holiday, the transaction will be processed on the next working day.
      For each instruction from the Customer requested by the customer that BCA has managed to complete, the Customer will receive transaction proof in the form of a reference number as proof that the said transaction was done by BCA.
      The Customer is obligated to make sure that the balance in the Customer’s account is sufficient before transaction instructions are conducted by BCA.
      BCA has a right to refuse to do the instructions requested by the customer if the balance in the BCA account is not sufficient enough.
      The Customer is responsible for determining the accuracy and entirety of the transaction instructions. BCA is not responsible for the consequences that appear as a result of deficiency, unclear data or incorrect instructions from the Customer.
    • Each financial transaction instruction from the Customer that is recorded in the BCA database in any form, including but not limited to notes, tape/cartridge, computer print outs, electronic communication transmitted between BCA and the Customer, is legitimate proof, unless the Customer can prove otherwise.
      The Customer agrees that all communication and instructions from the Customer to BCA that has been received is legitimate proof even though no written documents were created or signed.
    • Foreign currency exchange values, interest rates and other currency exchange values including (but not limited to) stock quotes provided by IB BCA are only indications of real currency exchange values, quotes or information which BCA can alter from time to time without prior notice.
    • 1. The customer is obliged to not leave the terminal in an active state (log-on), in other words, the customer must log out each time he or she leaves the terminal.
      2. The customer is obliged to secure the User ID and PIN by doing the following things:
      The customer is not permitted to inform his or her User ID and PIN to another in order to obtain prizes or any other intention including his or her family or friends, except to do certain transactions that require the Customer to inform someone of his or her User ID, for example for purchasing items or payment of online services.
      The customer is not permitted to write the User ID and PIN on a table, terminal or keep it in a written form or post it on a computer application or any other means of storing information that enables others to view it.
      The User ID and PIN must be used carefully so others cannot view it.
      The Customer is not permitted to use an Internet Banking PIN that was created by another or that is easy to deduce such as his or her date of birth or its combination, telephone number and others.
      The Customer is obliged to use his or her personal computer when accessing IB BCA. Do not use a computer that can be accessed by many people.
      3. The User ID provided by BCA is permanent and cannot be changed, except if the account is closed.
      4. The Customer is permitted to create his or her own PIN during registration at the ATM BCA machine.
      5. The Customer can do an inquiry of his or her own User ID using the IB BCA registration facility at the ATM BCA machine if the Customer cannot remember his or her User ID.
      6. The Customer is fully responsible for all of the transaction instructions received from his or her User ID, PIN and KeyBCA, unless the Customer can prove otherwise.
      7. BCA has the right to provide a User ID with a combination of letters and numbers without requesting approval from the Customer first.
      8. The Customer must immediately report to BCA if another person knows his or her User ID and or PIN. The Customer is fully responsible for all transaction instructions submitted from the User ID, PIN and KeyBCA before the BCA authorities receive a written report regarding this matter.
      9. If the Customer loses or damages the Kartu ATM BCA and has it replaced, upon receiving the new Kartu ATM BCA, the Customer can immediately login by using the previous User ID. When the Customer logs in for the first time using the new Kartu ATM BCA, the Customer will be requested to enter a new Internet Banking PIN.
      10. The regulation stated in article E.9 of these Terms and Regulations do not apply to TAPRES or BCA Dollar ATM BCA card types. If the customer loses a TAPRES or BCA Dollar card, the Customer must close the TAPRES or BCA Dollar account and open a new TAPRES or BCA Dollar account. Therefore, the Customer must reregister for IB BCA using the new TAPRES or BCA Dollar card.
    • Financial transaction limits are as follows:

      Description Amount
      Transfer from Rupiah to Rupiah Rp. 100 million per day per User ID.
      Transfer from Rupiah to Foreign Currency Equivalent to Rp. 15 million per day per User ID (a part of the Rp. 100 million limit)
      Transfer from Foreign Currency to Rupiah Equivalent to Rp. 100 million per day per User ID
      Transfer from Foreign Currency to Same Foreign Currency Equivalent to Rp. 100 million per day per User IDD
      Payment According to billing statement
      Top Up Rp. 1.1 million per day per User ID (includes VAT). This limit is a combined limit of topping up using ATM/ Mobile Banking/ Top Up via Text Messaging.
    • The above transaction limits are separate from the Kartu ATM BCA limit used to register for IB BCA at an ATM BCA machine. BCA has the right to alter the limit of each transaction.
      The transfer limit to domestic bank account for customer who has not registered the mobile phone number (Indonesian number only) can only allowed with maximum amount Rp. 25.000.000 per transaction, however the total maximum limit transfer is still Rp. 100.000.000 per day.
      The transfer limit to domestic bank account via LLG is minimum Rp. 10.000 and maximum Rp. 100.000.000 per transaction
      The latest time for service to another local bank using the LLG service is at 15:30 WIB.
      Customer can register the mobile phone number (Indonesian number only) at ATM BCA or nearest BCA branch.
    • 1. The E-Mail address registered by the Customer during the Customer’s first login at IB BCA will be used by BCA to send transaction information conducted by the Customer through IB BCA.
      2. BCA will only deliver information to the E-Mail address that has been verified by the Customer to BCA and is not responsible for the verification of the E-Mail address.
      3. BCA does not guarantee the security of information or data sent to BCA through an E-Mail that is not registered in IB BCA, that is not in a secure format that has been approved or determined by BCA.
    • 1. BCA has the right to debit monthly administration charges and transaction charges from using the IB BCA facility and transactions done using IB BCA.
      2. The bank has a right to alter, add or withdraw expenses from the Customer for using the IB BCA facility if it feels necessary.
      3. The Customer gives full authority to BCA to debit the Customer’s account at BCA for all the transactions instructed by the Customer to BCA using IB BCA and for monthly administration costs and transaction charges from using the IB BCA.
      4. This authority will expire if the Customer has fulfilled all of his or her obligations to BCA.
    • 1. The Customer’s User ID and PIN will be blocked as a result of the following:
      Incorrect PIN input 3 times in a row during login.
      Incorrect number input received from KeyBCA 3 times in a row during a financial transaction.
      If a new Kartu ATM BCA is requested and or is reported missing.
      The Customer reports that another person knows the USER ID and or PIN
      BCA research proves that another person knows the USER ID and or PIN
      2. If the User ID or PIN has been blocked, the Customer must contact Halo BCA and reregister to IB BCA at an ATM BCA machine.
    • The Customer will relieve BCA from all charges if BCA is unable to completely or partially process instructions from the Customer as a result of events or circumstances that occur beyond the control or ability of BCA, including yet not limited to natural disasters, war, riots, malfunctioning systems, equipments or transmissions, electrical disturbance, telecommunication disturbance, government policy, and incidents or circumstances beyond the control or ability of BCA.
    • The IB BCA service will be terminated if the Customer terminates the use of his or her Kartu ATM BCA or closes all accounts in relation to his or her Kartu ATM BCA.
    • The customer is binding and must comply to the regulations designed by BCA for KeyBCA and all of its alterations in any form communicated by BCA to the customer by any means.

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