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KlikBCA Smartphone - KlikBCA - e-Banking - Individual - bca.co.id
You determine where and when you want
to complete your banking transactions

Keep up with innovations that make banking extra convenient. KlikBCA Smartphone is the answer to all your financial technology needs.

  • Conduct various banking transactions such as payments, purchases, e-commerce payments, transfers and account information through www.klikbca.com or http://m.klikbca.com and logging in to your BCA internet banking account.
  • Access KlikBCA through your mobile device, now available on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and Nokia Symbian platforms

BCA constantly expands KlikBCA access from other mobile devices.

Access KlikBCA Smart phone through three easy steps:

  1. Open www.klikbca.com or https://m.klikbca.com on your smartphone
  2. Log in to your Internet Banking Individual account
  3. Start banking!

KlikBCA accommodates a number of banking transactions and features, including the following:

Menu Feature
Purchases Mobile top up, stocks, tickets and more

Payments Credit card, telephone, mobile phone, internet, insurance, loan, tax, electricity/ PLN, water/ PAM, education and more

e-Commerce Payments Flight, electronic, tour/travel/hotel and more

Transfer List of transfer accounts, transfer to BCA account, transfer to other local bank accounts

Account Information Balance and account transactions

Administration PIN alteration

Having difficulty accessing KlikBCA with your smartphone? Check if the following applies:

  • Browsing is enabled on your smartphone
  • JavaScript and Cookies browser setting is activated

Activating JavaScript and Cookies on your smartphone

        • Go to Settings
        • Choose Safari
        • Make sure JavaScript is “ON” and Accept Cookies option is “From Visited/Always” 

        • Go to Blackberry browser
        • Press the Blackberry menu button on your keypad and choose ”Option”
        • Go to Browser Configuration
        • Tick “Support JavaScript” and “Allow JavaScript Popups” options
        • Save changes

        • Go to Nokia browser
        • Press Options
        • Choose Settings, then go to General
        • Make sure JAVA/ECMA Script is “Enabled”
        • Return to previous menu and go to Privacy
        • Make sure Cookies is "Allow"
        • Go to Internet Explorer
        • Choose Menu, then Tools, then Options
        • On the Security Tab, tick "Allow Cookies"
        • Go to Internet Explorer
        • Choose Menu, then Settings
        • Tick "Allow Cookies on my phone"

If any problem persists, please contact Halo BCA at 1500888.

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